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Perfectly Fresh Lemon Vanilla Linen Spray

Perfectly Fresh Lemon Vanilla DIY Linen Spray You’ll Never Want to be Without
Spruce up your soft surroundings with the fresh, light fragrance of Lemon Vanilla DIY Linen Spray. Published in my Natural Lifestyle for Beginners column of Willow and Sage magazine. It is my favorite linen spray I’ve made…

5 Simple Steps to an Organized Linen Closet

Are you daydreaming of an Organized Linen Closet?
The trees are about to bud and I can hear the birds chirping early in the morning. They are surely as eager for spring as I am. This spark of spring has me motivated to declutter and have the organized linen closet…

Naturally Clean the Microwave and Oven

My Foolproof Methods to Naturally Clean the Microwave and Oven
After the holiday cooking, winter baking, and soups brimming over our kitchens are ready for a spring clean! One sure sign is a burnt smell everytime you turn on the oven. Mostly likely due to crumbs that have been toasting…

Clever Strategies to Naturally Spring Clean

Beckoned to Naturally Spring Clean
As the temperatures warming up and the days become longer spring beckons us to clean the dark, dusty corners of our homes. Learning ways to naturally spring clean our home can make a big difference. When in comes chemical exposure in our modern world, we unfortunately…

Natural Polishing Bath & Shower Scrub

Looking for a heavy duty Natural Polishing DIY Tub & Shower Scrub?
Living in hill country if you will, we have hard water. I mean seriously hard water. When we installed a new water softener a few years ago, we had a to spend a day without a softener after…