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Perfectly Fresh Lemon Vanilla Linen Spray

Perfectly Fresh Lemon Vanilla DIY Linen Spray You’ll Never Want to be Without
Spruce up your soft surroundings with the fresh, light fragrance of Lemon Vanilla DIY Linen Spray. Published in my Natural Lifestyle for Beginners column of Willow and Sage magazine. It is my favorite linen spray I’ve made…

Authentic Spiced Chai Candle Melts

Authentic Spiced Chai DIY Candle Wax Melts, Surprisingly Easy to Make

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels each day? Rushing from one thing to the next? And never taking a moment for yourself?

Well, if you’re a mother, then you know this can easily happen when…

Embracing Hygge with Essential Oils

Overcoming the Staleness of Winter, the Danish Way
With snowy days on the radar, long dark nights, and frigid temps winter is becoming stale. In the past, I would frantically start counting down the days until spring, as soon as the holidays had passed. But in recent years I’ve learned…

5 Point Checklist for Green Living Goals

Cut Through Excuses and Self Doubt to Reach Your Green Living Goals
Are you putting off making greener choices because of the expense or difficulty? Then you might be going about it the wrong way. An Eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult! Sustainable living can be as…