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Stamped Linen Pouches

I created these simple stamped linen pouches for gift giving with just 5 supplies I had on hand and you can too!
With Easter just around the corner and back to back trips from Chicago to Dallas to California this month and I needed to pull together gifts for Easter…

Pressed Flower Mason Jar Candles

What is quite possibly the best way to fragrance your home?
Candles of course! Not only will they fragrance your home, they also make a beautiful decoration- especially in mason jars.

Save your lavender cuts from the garden or purchase a dried bundle at the farmer’s market to make these…

Crackling Coffee Bean Soy Candles

Do you love the aroma of coffee beans too?
I’ll admit I am a tea drinker. Chai tea, black tea, green tea, jasmine tea… I enjoy waking up to a hot cup of tea, not coffee. I’ve never liked the bitter taste of coffee, yet I am drawn to it’s…

3 Ingredient Winter Pine Room Spray

The wonders of fresh pine needles…

Have you ever opened up the dishwasher only to realize you didn’t start it when you thought you did a few days ago? 

Yes, you are welcome for that visual!

Unfortunately, the kitchen is full of odors just like that. So, often times you…

Vanilla Lavender Linen Mist

Who doesn’t love the feeling of tumbling onto a bed made in freshly washed linens?
Bed lines feel incredibly soft, fresh, and comforting just after being laundered! The scent of lavender always reminds me of that feeling of freshness and comfort. Soft and soothing, no doubt! And lavender and vanilla…

Pumpkin Spice Room Spray

Who doesn’t love the aroma of pumpkin spice in their home?
Just one mist of this Pumpkin Spice Room Spray and you’ll be hooked!! This recipe works well as a linen spray too and can be misted over curtains, throw pillows, and more. Try spraying your rugs before vacuuming…