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How I Optimize Images for Pinterest

 Have you noticed the big changes happening on Pinterest?
Pinterest has gone through a multitude of changes and testing in the last year. You may have noticed a one update to Pinterest even didn’t not show descriptions under a pin while browsing your feed, in search, or your pins profile…

White Daisies in the Studio

In the Studio
These white Gerber daisies were left over from a milk bath photo shoot I did.  I couldn’t help but take a few photos of them in my studio. The blooms were pretty big, about the size of my palm. Which floated quite well in the milk bath!…

Rugged Northern California Coast

The state of California holds much beauty, but the rugged northern California coast is unlike any other. It’s where the mountains meet the sea. It’s humbling and invigorating all at a once to experience.
We walked along the coast breathing in the salty air, wind in all up in my…

On the Water in Monterey Bay

On the water in Monterey Bay, California
You can’t visit the California coast without an ocean tour! Especially in Monterey Bay, the marine animals are incredible! We saw thousands of sea lions, birds, and fish. In addition to leopard seals, dolphins, and several types of whales.  It has been has…

Mountain Meadows

Exploring the Mountain Meadows of the west coast
If you’ve been following along with me here at Life-n-Reflection, then you’ve probably notice my love of natural meadows, prairie, and woodlands. While, I love a walk through the cultivated botanical gardens, it’s the woodlands that intrigue me. Each wildflower, thistle, and…