EBA Bonus 5 Day Challenge to Better Blog Photography

5 Day Challenge to Better Blog Photography

Maybe you’ve read about the highlights of my journey with Elite Blog Academy. That increased my monthly pageviews by over 200%! And grew my monthly Pinterest reach to over a half a million with viral pin after viral pin. That is just two highlights and none of which was by accident.

If I were to choose just two things that I have lead to the success of my blog, I would have to say Photography and Pinterest. But, without incredible photography, Pinterest would be much less of a success. You see, photography plays a huge role in attracting your audience and brands. It is now such a major factor for a blog’s success due to the popular social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Of course this is in addition to the number one visual search engine Pinterest. But, there’s more!

Why is photography so important for your blog?

According to MDG blog articles with relevant images receive more than 94% more views than articles without images. And Facebook posts with a photo have nearly 40% more engagement than posts with only text. Therefore, having eye-catching photos that match your brand is a must for blogs! While stock photography can be practical, using your own photography creates a sense of realism and builds a connection with your audience.

Why take your own photographs?

Where do you need your own photographs?

5 Day Challenge to Better Blog Photography

Beautiful and relevant photography is a game changer when comes to blogging. I have learned several things over the past few years that make a hug difference in blog photography. Join the ranks in the Ultimate Blog Photography Bootcamp or enroll now for the 5 Day Challenge to Better Blog Photography. You’ll receive five incredible lessons to improve your blog photography in no time! You will also get to test out the platform I teach the bootcamp on for an inside look. After your entering your email address a page will open up with your free access to the Challenge!