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Getting Started with Essential Oils

getting started with essential oils

While I use essentials in our home everyday, you may be just discovering them with their popular use for aromatherapy. But, essential oils aren’t just for fragrance. They can support health and wellness in addition to enjoying their unique fragrances. Join me on your journey into natural living with the support of essentials oils. Read all about why I essential oils everyday in our home here.

What Can You Use Essential Oils For?

Naturally Cleaning

Bath Teas and Soaks

Candles, Room Sprays, and Potpourri

Bath Soaps and Body Washes

Body Scrubs and Butters

What essential oils should I start with?

That all depends I what you want to learn and/or use essential oils for. Here’s a quick list of my 10 must have essential oils  for a powerhouse of benefits! If you’re looking for a great starter kit, checkout this starter kit with recipes and more! Questions? I’m happy to help, just send me quick email from my contact form.