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Creative Candle Making

creative candles made simple

100+ pages to learn the art of candle making, refining and evolving your skills with each finished candle project, including essential guides and tips along the way.

become a candle maker

Do you love a fragrant home and share my ingrained desire to make every room in your home smell amazing? Then you will quickly fall in love with the experience of candle making,  slowly stirring fragrant oils into warm melted wax and pouring it into a candle. Honestly, there’s nothing like creating beautiful, rich aromas and the warm glow of candlelight for an instant cozy atmosphere with your two hands!

what are waiting for?

In Creative Candles Made Simple, I’ll walk you through setting up your workspace, choosing the right candle equipment for accurate results, and so much more. Together we’ll make a wide variety of candle types, including cheese mold candles, votives, crackling wood wick candles, tea lights, floating candles, dried flower candles, and coffee mug candles, amongst many others, to delight the senses!