Shades of Winter Snow Beautiful

Shades of Winter Snow Beautiful


Join me Kristy, Life-n-Reflection and Lisa, Simply Living for the Shades of Winter Photography Challenge! Weekly February 6th through March 3rd. 


We’ll be sharing our favorites on instagram and facebook each week! Tag yours this week with hashtag #shadesofwinter_snowbeautiful

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Shades of Winter Snow Beautiful

We had an unseasonably warm Autumn. Our trees and bushes started blooming again and I had the the a lucky fortune to watch my forsythia bloom twice last year!! It’s bright cheerful yellow is one my garden favorites. Then what do you know… first week of December Winter blew in with our first snow of the season! While I was quite enjoying Autumn, my favorite season, the first snowfall is so dreamy. The heavy snow blanketing the forsythia really made it feel like a winter fairy-tale.

Shades of Winter Snow Beautiful

What have you spotted in that is SNOW BEAUTIFUL? Share your captures this week below! Need more inspiration print or pin the Winter Photography Checklist with 20 prompts in total!

Shades of Winter weekly prompts
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    Villroses hagevV

    Beautiful with snow and Forythia together!

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      Thanks, it’s an unlikely combination isn’t it

  2. Reply


    snow on the forsythia…pretty.

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      Thanks Felicia

  3. Reply


    The spring forsythia to come has been on my mind this week. Your photo has added to my anticipation.

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      Gayle, I would love to see it’s beautiful yellow color again!

  4. Reply


    Makes me worry about the fruit trees setting though. – Margy

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    Cathy Kennedy

    Kristy, what cool photos! How does the late fall blooming affect the plant the following spring? I’ve often wondered about such things. It’s really neat to capture snow on blooming flowers, though. It’s a rare occurrence but in the spring, that’s happened here (Tennessee Valley). Thank you for the lovely share. Have a fototastic week and please feel free to join my humble not-so WW linky party!

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      Cathy this is a first for a second bloom here in late fall. We’ve never experienced since warm temps as we did last fall. I am agree to to find out, I hope it just continues to grow!

  6. Reply


    What a lovely dichotomy, Kristy! It’s not often you see such a pretty yellow this time of year!

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      Thanks June, I know it’s definitely a rarity!

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    Winter can be gorgeous, despite making me want to turn into a hermit. Lovely photos! #PhotoFriday

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    Great to see those pops of color on a blank surroundings. So amazing! #PhotoFriday

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      For sure, thanks Ruth!

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    oh, that is so beautiful. we are not even close to blooms yet.