Summer in Farm Country

Summer in Farm Country

Summer in the Country is lush with green at every turn.

Driving down the back roads on the highway, every where you look is green during the summers in the Midwest. It seems just over night rows of corn in the fields are standing six feet tall! The prairie grass is humming with life from dawn until dusk. Grasshoppers, white tail deer, garden spiders, feathered friends, honey bees, rabbits, and lightening bugs all find their place in the prairie, field, or woodlands. Running through the grass barefoot can be quite a thrill!


Summer in Farm Country

While the flora and fauna enjoy the spoils of summer the farmers are busy harvesting, mending, and building things. I love to take it all in from long country drives and walks at sunset. Where do you find yourself drawn to this summer?

Summer in Farm Country

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    Lydia C. Lee

    Cute looking silo on the barn….

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      Isn’t it, thanks Lydia

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    Very beautiful.

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    Life Images by Jill

    It’s winter here and pouring with rain at the moment, but I am not complaining because we need it. I’ve enjoyed your taste of summer on here today, especially those daisy flowers. Thank you. Enjoy summer and thank yo for the link up.

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      Awe, can’t same I’m not glad winter is a far way off here still.

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    Photo Cache

    Lucky you, the color of summer there is green. Here it’s brown 🙁

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      LOL, it was brown when I lived in Texas for many years. But, then Autumn was a second Spring.

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    Simply gorgeous!

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      Awe, thanks Fi!

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    So pretty


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    Monika B

    Very beautifull flowers.

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    Lovely Summer photos. I am beginning to enjoy the fields of weeds more than I use to; some with their tiny bits of color. Trying to press what flowers I can to enjoy when winter does arrive. Your lemon citronella looks interesting. You are so creative with fresh ideas. Enjoy, as always, the visit to your blog.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

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      Thank you Patricia. You certainly put some the flowers your pressing into candles too!

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    Alexa T

    Gorgeous summer aspects!! A nice weekend!

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      Thanks Alexa, you too!

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    Hi… i have some of your textures which I love… I have a small meme on my 10 year old nature blog called “Nature Notes”. If you like monarchs, I am raising some and sharing on Nature Notes if you like them…. Michelle

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      Thank you Michelle, what an incredible thing to do. I am stopping over now to see the monarchs.