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Key Lime DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting the south, then you may have encounter incredibly sweet but soooo refreshing key lime pie. It’s as classic as a mint julep in southern territory. Both of which I highly recommend! And with today’s recipe for key lime DIY sugar scrub…

Energy Boosting Homemade Green Tea Body Scrub

Need a Burst of Energy?
Trying to get through the work week or just need a boost of energy to start the day? I know you might be thinking, “coffee, coffee, and some more coffee” our answer to all lack of energy needs right? Well, if you are anything like…

Fizzy Lemon Meringue Bath Bombs

The Best Fizzy Lemon Meringue Bath Bombs
I recently discovered vanilla extract powder while picking up supplies for a photoshoot in Chicago. I instantly fell in love with is it’s powerful scent and ease of use. If you’ve made bath bombs before you know it’s best to keep the wet…

Summer Rain Creamy Body Wash, Made in Minutes

Summer Rain Creamy Homemade Body Wash, Made in Minutes
It’s been awhile, in fact it’s been more than a year since I shared a homeamde body wash recipe.
But, you know what? Body wash is one of the few skin care products you can change frequently with ease and without regret!

Everything You Need to Make Bath Bombs

Do you have a hankering to make bath bombs?
What intrigues you the most about bath bombs? The colors, scents, or the fun fizzing action? It’s all the above for me! Bath bombs are quickly becoming one my favorites to make. Each time I make bath bombs it’s like a…

How to Make Irresistible DIY Rose Bath Bombs

Irresistible Ultra Indulgent DIY Rose Bath Bombs
Do you find the same satisfaction in creating your own bath and body products? What makes it most satisfying for you?

combining herbs or essential oils for a custom scent
experimenting with spices, dried herbs, or ground fruits for a unique color