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DIY Face Mist

I figured out a quick fix that’s easy to make and doesn’t ruin your makeup!

In fact, this little beauty DIY can work double-time for your skin addressing several needs at once, like a stellar personal assistant. What is it? A face mist

10 Skincare Mistakes

10 Common Skincare Mistakes – Which Are You Making in Your Skin Care Routine? A big part of skincare is all about repeating steps each morning and night, day in and day out. BUT, what if you are repeating the wrong steps?

Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup

You want to know that the products you are wearing are as kind to the world as they are to your skin!
Cruelty-free cosmetics are finally becoming the norm, one step at a time. In fact, around 36% of women now say they REFUSE to buy anything from brands that test on animals.

Coffee Infused Tightening Eye Cream

Coffee Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes?

If you are no stranger to the wake-up call of a steaming cup of coffee, just wait till you try it on your puffy eyes in the morning! 

Caffeine is one of the most popular ingredients you can use to reduce eye puffiness and…