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Aloe Vera Hair Volumizing Spray

Need a Quick Hair Volumizing Spray?

You might have heard other women say that their hair is so flat because they are cursed with thin hair. Sadly, thin hair or thick hair has nothing to do with it. Your hair can be lacking volume from a multitude of other things.


Aloe Vera Hair Rinse

Provide your hair and scalp with a wealth of nutrients to grow hair naturally with a soft, silky finish . Here’s a step by step checklist to make and use a DIY hair rinse.

Best Essential Oils for Hair

Are essential oils for hair?

As you walk down the beauty aisles of any corner store, you will find a variety of products for hair. Many of which contain surfactants, parabens, and synthetic fragrance oils. Luckily there are many natural hair ingredients and essential oils are one not to be…