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Best Essential Oils for Hair

Are essential oils for hair?

As you walk down the beauty aisles of any corner store, you will find various products for hair. Many of which contain surfactants, parabens, and synthetic fragrance oils. Luckily there are many natural hair ingredients, and essential oils are one not to be overlooked!


DIY Scalp Scrub

This DIY scalp scrub recipe is packed full of antioxidants to keep your scalp healthy and prevent build up. Regular application will help to ensure healthy, dandruff free, non-greasy hair.

Natural Frizzy Hair Home Remedies

Has Your Naturally Frizzy Hair Taken Over?

Is there anyone who likes having frizzy hair? It can seem the bane of your existence on the worst days. Often related to humidity, I am here to tell you-

Rain or Shine

Humidity or No Humidity

Frizz Happens!

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

You see, humidity…