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Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts for Bloggers

Are you overwhelmed, intimidated, or just spending too much time designing your blog graphics in Photoshop?

There are several tools out there for bloggers and Photoshop is quite simply one of the best! I’ve been working with Photoshop for more than 10 years. I use it to design all of my post images, CTA banners, pinterest templates, printables, and social media templates. With all of it’s capabilities, you can become overwhelmed with options. I’ve been there, which is why today I am highlighting the top 10 Photoshop shortcuts for bloggers. Each shortcut will save you time and make it easier to prepare graphics for your blog.  Who doesn’t love time-savers? P.S. Watch for a few bonus at the end and don’t miss your chance to join the ranks in the Ultimate Blog Photography Bootcamp! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read the full disclosure policy.

TOP 10 Photoshop Shortcuts for Bloggers


#1 Move tool shortcut: CTRL V

The move tool is obviously a necessity for working in Photoshop. Just in case you are beginner I had to include because using the shortcut will save you more than any other tool on this! The shortcut for move tool is most useful for switching back and forth between all the other tools were are going to talk about. Simply, type [CTRL V] to bring up the move tool at anytime. Then use the arrow keys or your mouse to move objects around.


#2 Open tool shortcut: CTRL O

Another obvious Photoshop tool. Yet, it also one of the most time saving shortcuts. This shortcut allows you to open up anything within Photoshop. It displays most recent files, which can really save time when opening up your logo or a blog post template you use often. Verses digging through your folders to find each file.


#3 Image Size shortcut: ALT CTRL I

This is extra handy when you need to change the size of your photo or logo to fit into your printable to social media template. Type [CTRL ALT I] to pop open a box where you can change the resolution and dimension by preference. Such as pixels, millimeters, or inches.


#4 Crop tool shortcut: CTRL C

The crop shortcut is a resourceful tool for preparing blog graphics. Did you know you can select ratios to crop photos into quick squares for Instagram?


#5 Type tool shortcut: CTRL T

The type is a necessity for creating blog and pinterest graphics. Save time by placing your cursor over any area including a line of text and type [CTRL T] to open the type tool and begin typing.


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#6 Layer fill shortcut: SHIFT F5

This the perfect shortcut for filling a layer with a solid color. Use it to create blocks of color to type text over or add a color cast over your photo. For a color cast adjust the opacity of the color fill layer.


#7 Eyedropper shortcut: CTRL I

Use the shortcut to open up the eyedropper tool. Then click any part of an image to select the color or record the hex color code. This comes in handy when you want to match a color in your image to the text in blog graphic. It is also useful for working with color palettes.


#8 Spot Healing Brush shortcut: CTRL J

This is definitely one of the best tools in Photoshop.  With just a click you can make imperfections disappear! Use to remove dust on screens, blemishes or too many lavender buds…


#9 Merge Layers shortcut: CTRL SHIFT E

This is a go-to shortcut for finishing up. Use it to merge all layers when your blog graphic is complete. Merge all the layers just before saving your graphics.


#10 Magic Wand shortcut: CTRL W

I saved possibly the best time saving tool for last. Use the magic wand shortcut to quickly select all similar areas in a photo or graphic. Useful for erasing backgrounds too when creating product roundups for your blog.


Top 10 Photoshop Shortcuts for Bloggers

I hope you found this helpful for saving time with preparing blog graphics. Do you have any favorite Photoshop shortcuts for blogging that I didn’t list? Please share in the comments below. If you’re new to Photoshop you can try it with Adobe Creative Cloud for 1 month free with my link. Then select the Photography Plan to pay less than $10 a month!

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