Bittersweet Walnut Grove Farm Fresh Spring



Farm to Table and Everything In Between

Stacks of candied pecan cinnamon rolls, soups brimming with hand-rolled egg noodles, baked chicken breasts, and soft roasted carrots glazed with buttery honey sauce are only a sample of the irresistible recipes pouring from the pages of Bittersweet Walnut Grove’s Farm Fresh Spring.

Written by farmer’s daughters, the pages are layered with personal stories from their childhood on a centennial Midwestern farm. Inspired by their love of seasonally fresh produce and simplistic farm life; each title encompasses the beauty of America’s farmlands. Take part in the first tender sprouts of asparagus, sweet crisp carrots, and juicy red strawberries. With the sisters of Bittersweet Walnut Grove you can grow and share delicious, seasonal meals on your table throughout the year. Bring the season inside and onto the table with Farm Fresh Spring!


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