Natural Candle Making Supplies

Your all-in-one guide for where to buy natural candle making supplies. I can attest that picking up supplies for candle making can be inconvenient. It can take what seems like half a day trying to find the supplies you want and need. Therefore, I put together this handy candle supplies index.

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soy wax flakes: 2 lbs or 10 lbs

beeswax pastilles: 16 oz

non-toxic color soy wax chips: 20 pack

beeswax sheets: 10 pack

beeswax blocks: 5 pack


wood wicks & clips: 40 pack

natural cotton wicks: 100 pack

hemp candle wicks & tabs: 200 pack

candle wick centering devices: 12 pack / 25 pack


candle making pitcher

digital kitchen scale

glue dots

heat resistant silicone whisk

32 ounce glass measuring cup

candle wax melts silicone mold

candle thermometer


amber glass jars with lids: 4 oz 6 pack or multi-pack

metal candle tins with lids: 4 ounce 12 pack


cinnamon sticks: Small 1.2 oz

lavender flowers: Large 4 oz / Small 1 oz

star anise: Small 1.3 oz

calendula flowers: Small 2 oz

orange peel: Medium 4 oz

rose petals: Large 4 oz Small 1 oz

lemon peel: Medium 3 oz

whole cloves: Small 2 oz

peppermint leaf: Small 1 oz

chamomile flowers: Large 4 oz / Small 1 oz