Stylish Match Jar Labels –

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Create stylish match jar labels with ease when you follow these quick steps to customizing labels in Canva.

How To Customize Match Jar Labels In Canva Video Tutorial

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Step By Step

  • Watch the video and follow along with the steps below.
  • For best results use the Canva website versus the app.
  • Pause & replay as needed.

Steps To Customize

Getting Started

  • Click the link on the “Open Your Design” page of the guidebook.
  • The template will open in a browser window in Canva. (If you don’t have a Canva account, create one for free!)
  • Select “Use Template” and Copy the original template to your Canva account before editing. (This way, you can customize until your heart’s content without losing the original design.

Editing Text & Entering Brand Information

  • Click the text box that you want to edit.
  • Watch how to change the font, color, size, spacing, and alignment using the top toolbar.
  • Making this for a gift? Type “Made For You” or “Happy Mother’s Day” in the brand name area of the label. Or Click the text box you want to remove and click the trash can icon to delete.

Changing Colors

  • Click the element whose color you want to change. The color box will appear in the toolbar at the top left.
  • The template colors, as well as other suggestions, will appear under it.
  • Click the color tile of the color you want to use.

Ready to get started? Here are quick links to get you started; contains some affiliate links; read the full disclosure policy.

Now it’s time to print your custom match jar labels!

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