Winter Skin Care Survival Guidebook

Winter Skin Care Survival Guidebook

Reveal Your Best Winter Skin

The skin, like all things needs a little extra care during the winter. It is the body’s largest organ and like a coat it protects us. In the winter cold temperatures, lack of humidity, and forced dry indoor air pull moisture from the skin. Which leads to redness, itchiness, and increased sensitivity. Which many of us know as dry skin or worse – eczema. Dry skin is so fragile it is best nourished with natural ingredients such as:

Shea Butter


Coconut Oil


Rosehip Oil

Aloe Vera

Argan Oil

Creating your own natural skincare regime for winter allows you to take charge of your skin. By deciding what ingredients you put on your skin, you will discover a glow like no other. A glow only found in healthy nourished skin.

Winter Skin Care Survival Guidebook

Skin comes in all shapes and sizes, but winter is challenging for every skin type! Say goodbye to dry, dull, itchy skin with recipes to keep your skin nourished and moisturized all winter long. You’ll find natural recipes for Whipped Moisture Intense Shaving Cream, Protective Lip Balm, Nourishing Bath and Body Oil, Dry Skin Repair Cream, London Fog Bath Tea Soak, and so much more!

author Kristy Haare


After moving five states north, my skin became dry, dull, and well, itchy. I learned that I had to not only change my wardrobe for the winter, I had to change my skincare routine too. And in this Winter Skincare Survival Guidebook I share with you my best advice for radiant, hydrated skin. No matter how blustery the winds blow or how low the temperatures drop.


Winter Skin Care Survival Guidebook

In addition to the nourishing recipes you will also learn how to use the best body butters, carrier oils, and essential oils for winter skincare survival. Along with bonus printable apothecary labels and an essential oil dilution chart for topical application. Order your copy of the Winter Skincare Survival Guidebook today!

Winter Skin Care Survival Guidebook

$7.99 Get your copy today with over 50 pages to Reveal Your Best Skin!