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Simple Gift Making

Candle Making Kit

I adore autumn days and pretty much everything about the season. With this all-in-one candle making kit, I’ll show how to make easy apple cider candles tins from start to finish!!

DIY Massage Bar Homemade Lotion Bar

DIY Massage Bar? Trust Me, it’s the Best Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Doesn’t every man love a massage? What if you could make one available anytime? DIY massage bars are a type of homemade lotion bar that can do just that!  

And homemade gifts are my favorite to give and receive….

Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub

Not just for your hands – this easy sugar scrub recipe can be applied anywhere to smooth and hydrate dry, rough skin. Don’t miss my tips on how to use a sugar scrub in five different areas for head to toe softness!