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Create Easy DIY Glass Ornaments With Evergreen Clippings In Minutes

These easy DIY glass ornaments with evergreen will elevate your Christmas tree decor with natural beauty, a festive charm, and a pleasant Christmas tree scent.

Have you found yourself gazing at your Christmas tree, thinking it could use a tad more? And would you rather add a sprinkle of festive magic without breaking the bank? The struggle to find affordable and creative ways to personalize your tree is real. Fret not, my festive friend! I have a solution brewing that’ll turn ordinary glass ornaments into holiday treasures.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s natural to desire to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree. But sometimes, that clashes with the reality of everything we want to enjoy during the holidays. Seeing the Nutcracker Ballet, a Christmas Play, a horse-drawn carriage ride, or holiday photos can add up quickly. 

So, a common challenge many of us face is – how to make our tree stand out without spending a fortune. Thankfully, I learned several ways to decorate a Christmas tree that reflects your style and warmth.

Each is a DIY solution to transform plain glass ornaments into creative decor, carrying your style. 

From dried flowers to hand-painted designs, we’ve got a list of ideas that’ll infuse your ornaments with the warmth and magic of the season. Unveil a collection of easy, affordable, and delightful DIY glass ornament ideas that’ll have you singing “Deck the Halls” with newfound joy! 

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Enjoy the warmth and charm of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree adorned with these handmade, nature-infused DIY glass ornaments!

How do you decorate clear glass Christmas ornaments?

It’s easy to enhance your glass Christmas ornaments with a range of things. From natural juniper evergreen clippings and tiny pinecones to family photos or all things sparkle. I’ve got a great list of ideas and tips to share with you – let’s get started!

Selecting the Right Ornaments:

It’s best to choose ornaments with wide openings for easy filling and decorating, ensuring your creative ideas can come to life effortlessly. Whether adding evergreen clippings or creating miniature winter scenes, the right ornament can set the stage for holiday perfection.

So, if you want to slip in a photo, opt for this type of ornament. And if you’re going for more of a snow globe look, these ornaments are made just for that. 

Another thing to consider is your choice of plastic or glass ornament bulbs. 

Glass Ornaments


  • Elegant appearance.
  • Heavier weight adds a substantial feel to the tree.
  • Better transparency allows for a clearer view of intricate decorations.
  • Classic and timeless aesthetic.


  • Fragile and may break easily.
  • Heavier weight may cause branches to droop.
  • Typically more expensive than plastic alternatives.

Plastic Ornaments


  • Lightweight, reducing strain on tree branches
  • Durable and less prone to breakage
  • Budget-friendly, allowing for more extensive ornament collections
  • Child and pet-friendly due to reduced breakage risk


  • Can lack the classic, high-end feel of glass
  • Less transparent, making intricate decorations less visible
  • Prone to scratches over time

Consider your priorities, whether it’s the timeless charm of glass or the practicality of plastic when selecting ornament materials for your DIY decorations.

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Craft your own festive magic by turning ordinary glass bulbs into charming holiday treasures. Simple, affordable, and oh-so-enchanting!

What Do You Fill Glass Ornaments With?

Get ready to infuse your ornaments with creativity and festive magic! I’ve got quite a list of ideas to fill glass ornaments! 

Dried Flowers:

I don’t know about you, but I always have an abundance of dried flowers from my garden and farmers’ market stops. Why not enhance your glass ornaments with the timeless charm of dried flowers?

(If you love this idea, you’ll also enjoy learning how to make wax seals with dried flowers! They’re perfect for gift wrapping and holiday cards.)  


Use acrylic paints to create vibrant, hand-painted designs on clear glass ornaments for a unique, artistic flair. Or use a funnel to pour paint inside a glass bulb, close the cap, and gently swirl it around to coat the inside. 

Tip – white paint has a way of lending a snow-brushed look to ornaments. 

Handwritten Messages or Christmas Song Lyrics:

Write personalized messages to tuck inside an ornament or print lyrics to Christmas songs and add a strip inside the bulb. 

Another DIY ornament idea is adding vinyl lettering or using a fine-tipped or brush-tipped Sharpie to write your family members’ names or monograms in calligraphy or for a heartwarming touch.

You could also opt to add popular Christmas words such as:

  • Joy 
  • Tis The Season
  • Falala
  • Jingle All The Way
  • Noel
  • Merry & Bright

Glitter Galore:

Elevate your holiday sparkle by coating clear glass ornaments in glitter for a dazzling and festive display on your tree.

simple living library banner

Tiny Terrariums:

Get your little ones involved in crafting miniature winter wonderlands in small glass ornaments. Add reindeer moss and teeny pinecones or little bitty bottlebrush trees. To create faux snow, use Epsom salt. 

Photo Memories:

For a nostalgic appeal, insert small family photos into these glass photo ornaments, turning them into cherished keepsakes. 

Tip – this is a great way to use wallet-sized school photos!


Decoupaging might sound complicated, but it is very easy. All you need is a good Modge Podge to keep everything in place. 

Decoupage ornaments with colorful velvet ribbon, pattern fabric remanents, or holiday song lyrics for a charming handmade look. 


I chose to add a touch of nature to our Christmas tree by filling glass ornaments with juniper evergreen clippings. Follow my steps below to see just how easy it is!

Sprinkle a bit of nature onto your Christmas tree! Follow our easy DIY guide to fill glass ornaments with juniper evergreen. Bring the outdoors in with this delightful holiday craft.

Creating Easy DIY Glass Ornaments With Evergreen

Transform plain glass ornaments into enchanting holiday decor pieces with this simple and delightful DIY. Follow each step to infuse your tree with the natural beauty of juniper evergreen.

Supplies You’ll Need:

6 to 12 clear glass ornaments (quantity as desired)

Juniper evergreen clippings

Spool of twine or thin ribbon

Pair of scissors

How To Make Glass Ornaments With Juniper Evergreen 

1. Gather Juniper Evergreen Clippings

   – Collect fresh juniper evergreen clippings. Trim off small, flexible branches that can easily fit through the opening of the glass ornaments.

(If you don’t have access to a juniper tree, you can buy preserved juniper like I did from Maskey. Use my code CREATEWITHKRISTY10 to save 10%)

2. Prepare Your Workspace

   – Ensure your glass ornaments are clean and dry. Lay out all your materials on a clean and spacious surface. I used a wooden bowl to keep my ornaments from rolling off my craft table.

3. Fill the Glass Ornaments

   – Carefully insert one or more juniper evergreen clippings into the clear glass ornaments. Experiment with different lengths and arrangements to achieve a pleasing look. Be gentle to avoid breakage.

4. Secure the Top

   – Once the ornaments are filled with juniper clippings, securely replace the tops of the glass ornaments. Ensure they are snug to prevent the evergreen from falling out.

5. Attach Twine for Hanging

   – Cut pieces of twine or thin ribbon to your desired lengths. Make sure each piece is long enough to create a loop for hanging. Then, slip one end of the twine through the ring at the top of the ornament and tie a knot to secure it. Adjust the length of the twine to achieve your desired hanging height.

Now, find the perfect spot on your Christmas tree for these natural and festive ornaments. Gently loop the twine over tree branches and secure it in place.

Infuse your holiday decor with the scent of evergreen! Create stunning DIY glass ornaments filled with juniper clippings.

Step back and admire the simple yet elegant beauty you’ve added to your tree! I know you’ll agree these juniper-filled DIY glass ornaments bring a touch of nature and a fragrance to your holiday decor.


Discover the magic of DIY glass ornaments filled with juniper evergreen when you learn how to create these enchanting holiday treasures!

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