Soap Making Supplies

Looking for Creative Soap Making Ideas? Or natural soap making ingredients? Either way, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve learned a lot of commercially made soaps include ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. And sometimes aren’t great for your health either. Use this soap making supply index to guide you in the right direction.

Soap Bases:

goat milk soap base: 5 lbs / 2 lbs

shea butter soap base: 5 lbs / 2 lbs

honey soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

cocoa butter soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

glycerin soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

oatmeal soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

aloe vera soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

castile soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

white coconut soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

olive oil soap base: 2 lbs / 5 lbs

Dried Herbs & Spices:

calendula flowers: 4 oz

whole cardamom pods: 2 oz

cinnamon sticks: 1.2 oz

lavender flowers: 4 oz 

star anise: 1.3 oz

juniper berries: 1.3 oz

whole nutmeg: 1.8 oz

orange peel: 4 oz

lemon peel: 3 oz

whole cloves: 2 oz

bay leaves: .14 oz

lemon balm: 1 lb 

poppy seeds: 3.81 oz

rose buds: 3.5 oz

rose petals: 4 oz

rosehips: 4 oz

eucalyptus leaf: 2 oz

lemon verbena: 1 oz

chamomile flowers: 4 oz

rosemary: 15 oz

hibiscus flowers: 16 0z

yarrow flowers: 1 oz

peppermint leaf: 2 oz

marshmallow leaf: 50 grams

hyssop: 1 oz

dandelion root: 16 oz

blue cornflower: 1.5 oz

red poppy: 1.5 oz

safflower: 3 oz

heather: 4 oz

marigold: 1.5 oz

arnica: 2 oz

chrysanthemum: 2 oz

jasmine flowers: 4 oz


digital kitchen scale

heat resistant silicone spatula

Glass Measuring Cup: 32 oz

double broiler: 2.5 quart

soap knife

Specialized Ingredients:

vitamin E oil: 4 oz

vegetable glycerin: 16 oz 

aloe vera gel: 4 oz

beeswax Pastilles: 16 oz 

essential oils: set of 14

raw honey: 8 oz

loofahs: 6 pack

vanilla extract powder: 8 oz

colloidal oatmeal powder: 16 oz

Soap Molds:

square silicone mold: single / 3 pack

citrus wedge silicone mold

mini pod silicone mold

honey bee silicone mold

massage bar mold

rectangle silicone mold: 2 pack

Large Silicone Loaf Soap Mold in a Wood Base with Soap Knives

honeycomb silicone mold

round silicone mold

flower silicone mold

oval silicone soap mold

Large Silicone Soap Mold with an Adjustable Wood Cutter

Natural Soap Coloring:

Natural Liquid Food Coloring: Kit

Natural Mica Powder Soap Coloring Kit

matcha powder: 4 oz

beetroot powder: 8 oz

activated charcoal powder: 1 lb / 8 oz