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Lemon Cedar Dust Spray and Polish

Why clean with essential oils?
Using essential oils in your own natural cleaners is one of the quickest and effective ways to ditch chemical cleaners! Boost your home cleaning with the cheerful scent of fresh lemons and cedarwood’s warm, woodsy aroma all from essential oils!

Combined with white vinegar they make…

All Natural Lavender Sleep Spray

  Clear the mind and nod off for a more restful slumber with Lavender Sleep Spray.
Lavender’s aroma has been shown to improve your sleep by number of things. Such as slowing down your heart rate and blood pressure. This in turn puts your body into a relaxed state allowing…

Vanilla Lavender Linen Mist

Who doesn’t love the feeling of tumbling onto a bed made in freshly washed linens?
Bed lines feel incredibly soft, fresh, and comforting just after being laundered! The scent of lavender always reminds me of that feeling of freshness and comfort. Soft and soothing, no doubt! And lavender and vanilla…