Whispering Lilacs

whispering lilacs

Whispering Summer Lilacs

 The lilacs in our garden on the south side of house really take bloom in late spring to early summer. Their heavenly fragrance, from billowing purple plumes float up to into the open windows of my studio on the third floor. They whisper to me, calling me come out and play in the garden. I love this time of year, when I can throw all the windows open and let the summer breeze flow through the house. Before to long, the heat and humidity will begin and the summer breeze will be fleeting. Enjoy it while you can!

whispering lilacs

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    Photo Cache

    I was just thinking to myself last week that how wonderful are all the lilacs I see everywhere. Although the ones we have here are white lilacs.

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      Aren’t they they lovely! I’ve seen lilacs in purple, white, and pink.

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    I can just imagine how beautiful those do make your yard/garden area, and your description of the breeze and fragrance made it sound lovely to enjoy. We had such a wonderful breeze yesterday with all windows open, and then today it is very cool. But, they say the 90’s are on their way for next week and we usually always have humidity here so agree, enjoy the breeze while we can. 🙂

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

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      We’ve 90s for the last few days. Today, it finally cooled back down to the 70s and it was dreamy! I plan to enjoy the breeze again for the rest of week.

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    Stunningly beautiful photographs of your lilac Kristy,
    I had a very nervous time waiting to see if my lilac would bloom this year, after I heavily pruned it last year (my daughter’s wording would be ‘hacked’ and not pruned). Thankfully it’s bloomed beautifully and wafting it’s amazing fragrance across the garden 😀

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      LOL, a good pruning does make one worry.

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    Lilacs are definitely one of my favorites!

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    Ours got hit with frost this year. We have had such weird weather, frost last week and 100s this week. Yikes. Your pictures are so so pretty Kristy!!


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      Thanks Lisa, we had a really mild winter this year but summer is heating up!

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    Lydia C. Lee

    I think I’ve only ever seen the lilacs that hang down….

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    It’s already too hot for open windows here in Florida. But I do love spring and lilacs.

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      Carol, we are lucky to have a long spring here. Summer has started to show off it’s heat. We are in for a few hot days.