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Aromatherapy Guidebook Behind the Scenes

Coming Soon Aromatherapy Guidebook Behind the Scenes

If you’re a friend or family member reading this, then you know I’ve been working on my 10th book! After spending half a year researching, testing, and crafting aromatherapy blends – Aromatherapy – A Practical Guide for Home and Family was born!

Aromatherapy Guidebook Behind the Scenes

The last several weeks, I have spent hours writing in every room of the house and countless photo shoots in my studio.  Needless to say, I’ve been busy and everyone has been asking what I’m writing. I began this aromatherapy guidebook because I saw a need for practical, affordable methods to aromatherapy. Essential oils and aromatherapy have definitely gained some popularity in recent years. But, they have been in use long before an expensive electronic diffuser was ever designed.  While, I do write about the different options for electronic diffusion in the book, I dive deep into natural methods with supplies you likely have on hand. Saving you money with Do-it-Yourself options. If you want an electronic diffuser that’s cool, I did too. But, I got mine for free with my favorite essential oils starter kit!

Aromatherapy Guidebook Behind the Scenes

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I’ve noticed many people have “information overload” when it comes to essential oils and aromatherapy. In Aromatherapy – A Practical Guide for Home and Family, I teach a basic understanding of essential oils and how to identify essential oils for specific needs such as; a restful sleep, immune support, and stress relief. I guide you through the basics of diffusion and how to match essential oils to craft your own aromatherapy blends. Watch for it’s release on June 21st! If you’re not a subscriber to the LNR weekly edition sign up today for access to the Resource Library and be on the look out for more details about the book and an exclusive coupon! Update: It’s here order your copy today of Aromatherapy – A Practical Guide for Home and Family!

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    1. lifenreflection says:

      Awe you are so sweet Elizabeth!

    1. lifenreflection says:

      Thanks Lydia!

  1. Your photos are beautiful! I could use something to help me get to sleep at night. Perhaps some aromatherapy would help me.


  2. Really lovely photo! I like all the ideas on natural aromatherapy. Have a great weekend. cheers

    1. lifenreflection says:

      Awe, thank you and same to you. Enjoy it!

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