Lavender Rose Oatmeal Bath Fizzies

A warm bath alone can be incredibly relaxing after a long day chasing your toddler, take your bath up a notch with homemade Lavender Rose Oatmeal Bath Fizzies!

A person who never made a mistake, NEVER TRIED ANYTHING NEW.

  – Albert Einstein
I came up with my 1st recipe for bath…

Raspberry Magnolias Spring in Color

Raspberry Magnolias – Spring in Color
Spring always surprises me with a smorgasbord of colors. Does this magnolia bloom not remind you of pink raspberries? What colors have you spotted this spring that took you by surprise?

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5 Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Give mom the gift of relaxation with natural easy to make 5 Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts.
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Wrapped in Mystery

Spring in the Country is Wrapped in Mystery
Stepping in the woodlands I am wrapped in mystery. Spring brings foreign colors and textures each dawn. Winter’s soft snow covered paths become uneven paths of prairie grass and clover. Rugged bare branches turn into a cascade of buds and blooms. A…

DIY Lavender Goat Milk Hand Soap

If I had the notion that soap making was this easy, I would be a soap manic by now!
After baking all day on a late Sunday afternoon last summer my mother and I sat across from each other flipping through pages of in-depth soap making books. We had been…

Spring Unfolding

Capturing Spring Unfolding in our Woodlands

Spring is one of my most favorite times of the year! Watching Spring unfolding in our woodlands is breathtaking. From the forest floor bringing the first green of crab grass to purple clover. The hedges and shrubs bloom next. At the same time pink…