Harvest Moon Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal


Detox your Skin with Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal

Can you guess what the secret ingredient in today’s skin detoxifying bath salts is?

It has a long history of use from the ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans for bee stings, poisoning, and more. Today it’s detoxifying properties for the skin has gained it much popularity. If you’ve haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about activated charcoal.

There’s something to be said for its unmatched ability to remove toxins from the body.  It works like a vacuum to remove all the gunk deep within our skin.

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Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal combine activated charcoals' unmatched ability to remove toxins from the body

How is Activated Charcoal Made

First off, it’s not the charcoal we use for a backyard barbeque. In fact, charcoal for barbeques is highly toxic and will only harm your skin. That common charcoal is manufactured from coal, peat, wood, or petroleum. Yikes!

Activated charcoal made from coconut shells it heated up in the presence of a gas that causes it to develop internal spaces or pores. These spaces allow it to trap chemicals and absorb toxic substances. It chemically binds a substance to its surface and can absorb thousands of times its own weight.

Which is exactly why just a small amount of activated charcoal can absorb so many toxins from our skin!

It acts as a natural way to remove impurities from the skin, absorb oil, help eliminate blemishes and stimulate blood flow. All of which results in a smooth, more youthful looking complexion. And activated charcoal can be used on your entire body, including your face. It’s known to be exfoliating, clarifying, and detoxifying without drying the skin.

Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Clears and Detoxifies Skin

Activated charcoal has a great ability to control facial oil, it’s also effective in the removal of dead cells, thus providing clean and flawless skin.

It works wonders on clearing the pores of impurities, often related to blackheads. Activated charcoal works by absorbing oil, deep-seated debris, and environmental pollutants to detoxify the skin. It gives an incredible deep cleanse due to the toxins sticking to the activated charcoal.

Balances Oil Production

Combating oily skin can be frustrating, especially in warm climates. Activated charcoal might be just the ingredient you need to balance things out. It can pull the unwanted excess oils from your skin. Thus giving you a shine-free appearance. It also effective at removing unwanted oil from other places on the body.

Fights Acne and Blemishes

Looking for a new soldier to fight acne? Activated charcoal may be your new hero. Activated charcoal is known to be highly beneficial in the treatment of acne. It works to absorb toxins, impurities, and oils on and below the skin. In addition to its antimicrobial properties help prevent skin blemishes from starting.

Tightens and Reduces Pore Size

Dirt and toxins we encounter throughout the day settle over our pores making them more noticeable and enlarged in appearance. When our pores aren’t clear, neither is our complexion. Activated charcoal helps pull the dirt and grime out of our pores, making them less visible and reduced in size.

Gently Exfoliates and Smooths Skin

The texture alone of activated charcoal makes for a gentle natural exfoliator. Soaps and scrubs made with activated charcoal are slightly gritty, helping to provide gentle exfoliation. It works to remove dead skin cells and extract dirt and grime from the skin. All while its antimicrobial properties help prevent blemishes and inflammation.

DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal Ingredients

3/4 cup dead sea salts

1/2 cup activated charcoal powder

2 teaspoons pumpkin seed oil

2 drops ginger essential oil

4 drops cardamom essential oil

2 drops cinnamon essential oil

2 airtight containers, 4 oz

How to Make: Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal

In a medium mixing bowl combine 3/4 cup dead sea salts and 1/2 cup activated charcoal powder. Stir to combine. You may notice the activated charcoal powder is very fine and sticks to the dead sea salts. This is why there is an additional 1/4 cup of activated charcoal salt in the recipe to create eight ounces of volume.

Next, add 2 teaspoons pumpkin seed oil. You can substitute sweet almond oil for pumpkin seed oil if needed. Whisk well to evenly coat. Add 2 drops of ginger essential oil, 4 drops of cardamom essential oil, and 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Whisk to thoroughly blend the fragrances. Pour harvest moon soaking salts into airtight containers.

Yields 8 ounces

Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal Ingredients

How to Use: Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal

Pour 2 to 4 tablespoons of DIY soaking salts with activated into running bath water. Step in and enjoy a relaxing, autumn essential oil infused bath soak.

To use as a body scrub, scoop a small amount into your hand and massage in a circular motion into your skin. Avoid contact with eyes and rinse with soap and water. Repeat one to two times per week for smoother, cleaner skin.

Be aware the activated charcoal will cover your skin in a black film when used a scrub. Just rinse with soap and water.

Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal Homemade Recipe Detox your skin today with all natural Harvest Moon DIY Soaking Salts with Activated Charcoal.  Utilizing activated charcoals’ unmatched ability to remove toxins from the body. While essential oils boost its ability to purify the skin.

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