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Simple Soap Making

Pink Grapefruit Exfoliating DIY Soap

Making DIY Soap for a LOVE of Citrus
This homemade soap recipe came from my love of grapefruits’ fresh, sweet, citrus aroma. I’m quite a fan of citrus fruits and use lemon every day to clean our home.
So, with an urge to create another exfoliating soap like my Lavender Salt…

Key Lime DIY Sugar Scrub Bars

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting the south, then you may have encounter incredibly sweet but soooo refreshing key lime pie.
It’s as classic as a mint julep in southern territory. Both of which I highly recommend!
And with today’s recipe for key lime DIY sugar scrub…

Odor Eliminating Lemon Zest Hand Soap

Remove unpleasant culinary aromas from your hands with a simple lemon zest hand soap recipe
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but my husband is a wonder in the kitchen! He has a natural talent for the culinary arts, which I thank my lucky stars for every day.

Smoothing Lavender Salt Bars

Exfoliate, smooth and moisturize your skin with an all-in-one Smoothing Lavender Salt Bar.
It only takes a few minutes to create these amazingly soft, melt in the shower smoothing lavender salt bars! First, start with a great natural soap base, like goats milk for its moisturizing abilities. Next, add vegetable…

DIY Lavender Goat Milk Hand Soap

If I had the notion that soap making was this easy, I would be a soap manic by now!
After baking all day on a late Sunday afternoon last summer my mother and I sat across from each other flipping through pages of in-depth soap making books. We had been…