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5 Ways to Chase Away the Winter Blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues
This time of year the short days, long nights, and bitter cold can snap the positive side right out of us. And when we’re feeling down we often reach for sugar or caffeine. I’ve found five healthy ways to beat the winter blues without…

October’s Gold

Treasuring Hunting for October’s Gold
A walk through our autumn woodlands will uncover many treasures. Maybe my most favorite are the golden hues.

Using my macro lens I can find even more of October’s Gold. From the patterns and lines similar to our skin to the delicate flowers, berries, and seeds. …

Autumn Uncovered

Autumn Uncovered
Oh how I love to uncover Autumn… From the woodland floor to the tops of trees on the hill crest. A little more of Autumn is uncovered each crisp, cool day.

Work of Art
Brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows infuse the green woodlands with colors of Autumn. Even torn fallen…

September Lace

September Lace
I came upon this farm while on my why back from barn hunting as my father termed the phrase years ago. It’s only about five miles from our home. But, it’s far off the main route and I hadn’t seen it before. My oh my, what a find…