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 Smoothing Lavender Salt Bar

Exfoliate, smooth, and moisturize your skin with an all-in-one Smoothing Lavender Salt Bar.

It only takes a few minutes to create these amazingly soft, melt in the shower smoothing lavender salt bars! First, start with a great natural soap base, like goats milk for its moisturizing abilities. Next, add vegetable glycerin for the melting effect. Then, add a scoop of mineral salt to exfoliate in addition to all its benefits.

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For fragrance, I’ve chosen the likely the most popular essential oil, (and my favorite) lavender essential oil. Known for its calming capabilities and soft floral scent, lavender essential oil is a must-have. Check out My Top 10 Must Have Essential Oils. You can, of course, add your favorite essential oil to this recipe. Last, I added lavender buds because they are so pretty and I grow my own lavender!

Keep in mind these smoothing lavender salt bars will be a little messy. Messy can be fun right? If you are looking for a lavender soap to enjoy without the mess see my recipe for Lavender Goat Milk Hand Soap. You can use it for everything, not just your hands.

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Smoothing Lavender Salt Bar

Ingredients for DIY Lavender Salt Bars:

How to Make Smoothing Lavender Salt Bars:

Sprinkle a ½ teaspoon of lavender buds into 4 rectangles of your soap mold (this the one I use) and set aside.

Chop up goat milk soap base using a soap knife into small chunks. Toss chopped soap into a medium glass bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave and melt on 30-second intervals, stirring intermittently to avoid burning. Remove melted soap promptly from the microwave.

Pour vegetable glycerin and lavender essential oil into the melted soap base. Stir well to combine. Working quickly, add mineral salt to lavender soap base, stir and pour into the prepared soap mold.

Let the soap cool in the mold for 1 to 2 hours or until solid before removing from the mold. Chop DIY Lavender Salt Bars into small rectangles. Store at room temperature in an airtight container.

Yields: 16 mini salt bars

 Smoothing Lavender Salt Bar

Smoothing DIY Lavender Salt Bars are perfect for the shower. Place one salt bar in the palm of your hand and rub it into rough or dry areas. Lock in moisture after the shower with Whipped Body Butter.


  1. These are beautiful! I’m going to pin this and give them a try this summer! Thanks for linking up to create link inspire party!

    1. lifenreflection says:

      Thanks Rachel, I love creating with lavender from my herb garden. I have more drying in my dehydrator right now!

  2. Kristy hi…I want to try and make this, but I don’t have the dead sea there another kind I could use in place of that..such as Epsom salts or Himalayan salt??
    Hugs Deb.

    1. lifenreflection says:

      Yes, pink Himalayan salt would be lovely in this recipe. Honestly, you could even use kosher salt.

    1. lifenreflection says:

      your welcome, happy creating!

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