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Summer Floral Bath Salt Recipe

These summer floral bath salts are the perfect balance of cheerful summer yellow and blue flowers chamomile, cornflower, and calendula. As you scoop them into the bath the flowers float on the top of the water and brush against your skin.

Sleep Tight Bath Salts Recipe

Can’t Fall Asleep?

Being able to get a full night’s sleep as an adult is hard.

Our fast-paced modern lives with endless distracting screens and daily stressors have caused an epidemic of sleep loss.

Many of us toss and turn at night, having trouble to our brains off.

This post…

Bath Soak DIY Ingredients

All Your Bath Soak DIY Questions Answered

Tired of searching for a great bath soak ingredient? Or just looking for easy, quick bath soak recipes? I’m going to answer all your questions when it comes to choosing bath soak DIY ingredients.

In fact, I’ve put together a question and…