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DIY Oatmeal Bath Ideas for Dry and Sensitive Skin

DIY oatmeal bath ideas to specifically target dry and sensitive skin. Learn how to make an oatmeal bath with simple, natural ingredients. 

It may sound funny, but if you’re looking for a healthy breakfast and a natural solution for dry and sensitive skin, you can look to oatmeal to fulfill both needs!

Oats are rich in many nutrients for the body and skin, such as vitamins, minerals, fats, and hydrating compounds. For this reason, oatmeal has been used for centuries as a powerful natural remedy for various skin conditions, like eczema and itchy bug bites.

So, if this year’s heat waves have you feeling absolutely exhausted over dry skin, crying out for some relief and hydration. Or, if you’re on the other end of the spectrum with frigid temps and harsh cold winds making your skin feel unbearably itchy and tight, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a simple solution to this problem. 

A soothing oatmeal bath you can DIY at home might just be what you need! Learn all about oatmeal bath benefits and how to make an oatmeal bath three ways with DIY oatmeal bath ideas that specifically target dry and sensitive skin.

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Why take an oatmeal bath? What does bathing in oatmeal do? Find why it’s a great remedy for dry or itchy skin!

What Are Oatmeal Bath Benefits for Dry Skin?

When we consider that one of the main reasons why the skin becomes more sensitive and dry is a damaged barrier function, we can begin to understand how oatmeal benefits dry skin.

As the name suggests, this involves creating a barrier between your skin and the outside world, keeping water and nutrients in and everything else out. When this natural barrier is damaged, it can mean that there are micro-tears in the skin, letting various irritants penetrate it.

This is where oatmeal comes in. It can help fill in those cracks and tears and create a protective shield on your skin. And this way, it also keeps in the hydration your skin craves!

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Can You Use Any Oatmeal In An Oatmeal Bath?

Now, you must think it’s silly to put oatmeal in your bath – but don’t worry, it won’t be anything like your breakfast porridge. To make an oatmeal bath, use colloidal oatmeal instead. It’s essentially finely ground oats that dissolve in warm water, making it pearly-white and silky in texture.

You can buy colloidal oatmeal for your bath or make it yourself. If you opt for the latter, you’ll need plain rolled oats without any additives. Simply grind the oats in a food processor or with a mortar and pestle until the texture is slightly grainier than regular flour. 

To ensure the texture is fine enough, mix a tablespoon of ground oats in a cup of hot water. It should integrate easily and stay suspended, with minor settling to the bottom.

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Learn all about oatmeal bath benefits and how to make an oatmeal bath three ways with DIY oatmeal bath ideas that specifically target dry and sensitive skin.

How to Make an Oatmeal Bath 3 Ways 

With your colloidal oatmeal ready, you can make a DIY oatmeal bath with specific ingredients to target dry and sensitive skin. Choose from these three soothing oatmeal bath recipes for a remedy you can make at home. 

Each is a simple solution for dry skin you can regularly use during seasonal heat waves or frigid temperatures. And all can be made ahead of time and stored in an airtight container until use. 

#1 DIY Oatmeal Bath With Chamomile

Adding chamomile to an oatmeal bath is equally soothing for your skin and mind because chamomile is known for its nourishing and calming benefits for sensitive skin. And soaking yourself in all this goodness is very relaxing, making it a perfect ritual before bedtime. Not to mention chamomile’s long history of use as a method to stop itchy skin. 


1 cup colloidal oatmeal
5 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers


  1. Pour boiling water over five tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers or the contents of 10 chamomile tea bags, and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  2. You can filter the flowers out or use them in the oatmeal bath.
  3. Start filling up the tub with water and make sure it’s not too hot but pleasantly warm.
  4. Add 1 cup of colloidal oatmeal while the bath is still filling with water, and stir it with your hand at the same time. This way, you’ll make sure the oatmeal is nicely dispersed.
  5. Then pour the previously prepared chamomile tea into the bath.
  6. Slip in and soak in the oatmeal bath.

#2 DIY Oatmeal Bath With Goat Milk & Peppermint

If your skin is dry because you spent too much time in the sun, you’ll especially appreciate this oatmeal bath recipe. It starts with goat milk, like oatmeal; it encourages skin barrier repair and healthy skin flora. And the fatty acids in goat milk can boost an oatmeal bath’s soothing and nourishing properties. The cooling effect from the addition of dried peppermint leaves will quickly be appreciated as well.  


½ cup colloidal oatmeal
5 tablespoons powdered goat milk
½ cup dried peppermint leaves


  1. Prepare a strong tea by pouring boiling water over ½ cup of dried peppermint leaves. Let it stand for an hour, then sieve the mint leaves using a mesh strainer or keep them for your bath.
  2. Again, like the previous recipe, fill the tub with warm water and pour ½ cup of colloidal oatmeal and five tablespoons of powdered goat milk into it. Make sure to break up any clumps with your hands.
  3. Soak in the peppermint oatmeal milk bath for at least 15 minutes.

#3 DIY Oatmeal Bath With Lavender

This lavender oatmeal bath recipe is perfect for those with excessively dry skin or redness. The lavender essential oil calming anti-inflammatory properties are especially helpful, and the addition of Epsom salt also helps your body to relax. 


1 cup colloidal oatmeal
½ cup Epsom salt
30 drops lavender essential oil

How to make

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water, then scoop ½ cup of Epsom salt and 1 cup of colloidal oatmeal into the bath. Break up any clusters of oats with our hands.
  2. Add thirty drops of lavender essential oil into the bath water.
  3. Stir once more with your hands, then step in and soak for 15 minutes or until the water cools.

After taking an oatmeal bath, rinse as needed and apply a heavy moisturizer like my recipe for whipped lavender body butter.

After trying one of these DIY oatmeal bath ideas, you will see why so many say an oatmeal bath is nature’s gift for an array of dry skin woes.

After trying one of these DIY oatmeal bath ideas, you will see why so many say an oatmeal bath is nature’s gift for an array of dry skin woes. Oatmeal buffers the skin, soothes inflammation, and simply makes your skin feel soft and silky after bathing. 

And the best part – it’s completely natural and suitable for any skin type!


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