Natural Hair Conditioner Guaranteed to Make Your Hair Soft


Is Your Natural Hair Conditioner Really Doing Its Job?

The products we buy often boast to contain a certain ingredient, so much that they are even labeled by the name of the key ingredient at times.

Unfortunately, if you turn the bottle around and read the ingredients you’ll find it only includes a trace amount of that ingredient and the rest many times is questionable chemicals and fragrance oils.

And when you consider the first and main ingredient is water, how good can it really do?

And how much money are you overpaying for a product that doesn’t work?

DIY Shea Butter Natural Hair Conditioer

I absolutely love making my own products at home even when they present a challenge.


Because I control the ingredients that go into the products while getting the most bang for my buck!

You can take control of ingredients that go into your hair and beauty products too! Start with this DIY natural hair conditioner guaranteed to make your hair soft and tangle free!

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Real Ingredients Guaranteed to Make Your Hair Soft

This DIY natural hair conditioner is an intense moisturizer and only includes ingredients to soften and strengthen hair! All are whipped together into a creamy texture, just like the store bought conditioners.

Coconut Oil – strengthens and moisturizes

Shea Butter – adds additional moisture,  improves shine, treats dry scalp and dandruff

Argan Oil – controls frizz and improves shine

Lemon Juice – increases shine and closes the hair shaft

Lavender and Cedarwood Essential Oils – strengthens hair, prevents breakage, helps to control dandruff, and boost hair growth

Let’s put it all together in a simple hair conditioner recipe anyone can make!

DIY Natural Hair Conditioner Ingredients

How to Make DIY Natural Hair Conditioner

Using the double boiler method or the microwave melt together coconut oil and shea butter. I recommend only including the shea butter if you have coarse or very dry hair. Shea butter is incredibly moisturizing and can be too much for fine hair.

Let the coconut, shea mixture stand until almost solid. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the mixture and add argan oil. Whip together with a hand mixer for three minutes.

Then add each drop of essential oil. Continue to whip for two more minutes until creamy. Scoop into a small airtight jar.

DIY natural hair conditioner guaranteed to make your hair soft and tangle free!

How to Apply Natural Hair Conditioner

You can apply this softening natural hair conditioner using two methods. For a deep conditioning treatment apply it as a hair mask.

Add a quarter size amount to your hair beginning at the ends and working your way up. Wrap hair into a warm towel and let condition for 30 minutes before washing hair.

The second method simply involves applying the conditioner to dry ends three times weekly in the shower before washing. I apply just a nickel size amount when using this method to soften hair.


Take control of ingredients that go into your hair care with DIY natural hair conditioner.

Since using this DIY natural hair conditioner to deep condition my hair once a month. I have noticed it’s stronger, shiny, and easily managed. I like to keep things simple in my life. And my hair care regimen is no exception.

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  1. Reply

    Elizabeth Kramar

    My hair so super dry and brittle so I’m for sure gonna give this a try. 🙂

    • Reply


      It won’t be after using, I’d start with it as hair mask. Then work it into your weekly routine two to three times a week, depending on your hair type.

  2. Reply


    Hi Kristy,
    I will definitely have to try this….the only thing is you know I’m a senior my hair is greying and it’s very fine and thin, I’m loosing my hair way to fast and it doesn’t take any abuse at all I have to be so very careful what I apply to my scalp because even just shampooing sometimes the amount of hair on my hands after is scary… I’m hoping this will help!!!

    • Reply


      I understand Debbie, I don’t know if it’ll do anything for hair growth. But it does help make hair soft and healthy.

  3. Reply


    Sorry Kristy I forgot to ask you if there is any other oil that I can use that would be just as good as argon oil??

    • Reply


      Apricot oil is another great carrier oil for hair. You could try doubling the coconut oil and leaving out the argan oil too.

  4. Reply


    Thank you so much for the great info Kristy 🙂
    Hugs Debbie.

    • Reply


      You’re welcome 🙂

  5. Reply


    Hi! In the second method you talk about applying the conditioner to the hair before washing. Are you supposed to use the shampoo afterwards?

    • Reply


      Laura if you’re hair dry or frizzy you can apply conditioner first as a preconditioning treatment. Otherwise, after shampooing is A.O.K.

  6. Reply


    have dry curley hair and need good leave in conditioner – is this to be washed out or can leave in without oily look?

    • Reply


      I use two ways
      – one a normal conditioner you wash out +
      – two as a conditioning treatment: I apply to the length of my hair and braid before going to bed.

      I don’t have dry hair, so yours may allow you to use it as a leave-in conditioner. I would test it on your ends first.

  7. Reply

    Rebecca Hermansen

    How long would you say this will keep? When the added lemon you add a water component and microbes and mold will start to grow after 7-10 days if preservative is not added. After that it will not safe to use. Or do you make a very small amount that is used within a week or so? What preservative would you recommend to use for this? 🙂

    • Reply


      I make a small amount and keep it away from sunlight and heat.

  8. Reply

    Robyn Bicocchi

    Hi Kirsty,

    This recipe looks super simple & easy 👌

    Just wondering if I was to add a preservative to this would would know what would work with the blend best?

    I’m looking for an easy product recipe to adapt & prolong shelf life for gift products.

    What do you think?

    • Reply


      Thanks, Robyn, I don’t have advice on what preservative would work best for conditioner. Bramble and Berry is a good place to look for that.

  9. Reply


    Hi, I’m looking for an eco-friendly conditioner that I can use outside (rivers,lakes,creeks,etc). I live on an island and the water dries my hair really bad & makes it brittle. I like to apply conditioner right after a swim so it doesn’t feel so gross.
    Would this be something I could use without worrying about killing the fishies?🥺

    • Reply


      This would be great for that! I’d keep it in a soap saver bag to keep it dry during your travels.

  10. Reply


    I’m excited to give this a try, but I’m wondering, would jojoba oil work in place of argon?

    • Reply


      It won’t have the same benefits.

  11. Reply


    I love your recipes! Will you ever come out with a shampoo recipe?

    • Reply


      Awe thank you, I really need to!