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Calming Jasmine Lavender DIY Milk Bath Jars – It’s All About Relaxation

Make these jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars for a sweet slumber. Created with natures’ most calming aroma and ingredients to soothe the body – it’s all about relaxation! 

Nothing beats a long, hot soak in the bathtub. But, let’s be honest, if we are going to take the time for a good soak, it’s gotta be worth it. Because we’re not just after a “bath,” if you will, it’s about RELAXATION. 

Even if you feel like you’re sneaking away, everyone needs some time to themselves. And a quiet bath, especially scented with a relaxing aroma and infused with ingredients to replenish – is ALWAYS worth it. 

I should tell you, I’ve made a handful of milk baths before, but soaking in this milk bath makes me feel like I’m in Provence, France. I can picture row upon row of purple-blue French lavender fields stretching endlessly toward the distant mountains. And the aroma of nature’s most relaxing scent, lavender, wafts in through an open window. 

What’s more, this DIY milk bath is paired with none other than one of the most fragrant flowers in the world. Referred to as the “Queen of the Night,” jasmine is right up there with lavender! Together they create the most beautifully scented milk bath. 

Make these jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars for a sweet slumber. Created with natures’ most calming aroma and ingredients to soothe the body – it’s all about relaxation! 

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When making these jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars it’s all about relaxation!

What is the purpose of a milk bath?

When we soak in a milk bath, lactic acid loosens and dissolves dead skin and excess sebum oil. With the help of a bath brush or natural sea sponge, you can easily buff the skin for a healthy glow. 

What kind of milk do you use in a milk bath? You can use liquid or powdered milk, but the powdered version is the most practical because it keeps on a shelf. 

I chose powdered goat milk for this jasmine lavender DIY milk bath. Did you know it has three times more beta carotene than whole milk? This, in part, makes goat milk superior for milk baths due to the fact that beta carotene plays a critical role in cell growth, which translates to healthy, radiant skin! 

Goat milk layered with detoxifying French sea salt, colorful purple-blue French lavender buds, delicate jasmine flowers, and essential oils create milk bath benefits that make us feel soothed and relaxed and give us great skin. 

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Here’s how to take a milk bath that will make you feel like you’re in Provence, France.

How To Take A Milk Bath

It’s effortless to take a relaxing milk bath when you make a milk bath ahead of time. Simply pour about ¼ cup from the milk bath jar in running water into the bathtub. Run the mixture through your hands in the water to disperse. 

Then step in and let your mind escape to Provence, France, under a cloud of decadently sensual jasmine and calming lavender. You turn even the humblest of bathrooms into a French Chateau! 

Should I rinse after a milk bath? There is no need to rinse; just pat dry after. But, if your skin feels on the sticky side, a light rinse won’t hurt. Just don’t hop in the shower and strip away all the natural oils on your skin with soap or hot water. 

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How do you make a milk bath?

When making these jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars, it’s all about relaxation. The most important ingredient is powdered goat milk to naturally smooth and soften skin. 

Essential oils are added for their calming properties that promote a peaceful slumber. Baking soda softens the water, and French sea salt detoxifies. You can add as many or as few dried jasmine and lavender flowers to the milk bath for a luxurious soak. 

Jasmine Lavender Milk Bath Ingredients:

2 glass milk bottle jars, 8-ounces each

¾ cup French coarse sea salt

½ cup powdered goat milk

2 tablespoons baking soda

15 drops jasmine essential oil

15 drops lavender essential oil 

3 tablespoons dried jasmine flowers

2 tablespoons dried French lavender

How To Make A Milk Bath

Combine ¾ cup of French coarse sea salt, ½ cup of powdered goat milk, and two tablespoons of baking soda in a medium mixing bowl. Whisk to combine and break up any clumps in the baking soda. 

Next, while whisking, add fifteen drops of jasmine essential oil and fifteen drops of lavender essential oil to the milk bath mixture. 

Then scoop three tablespoons of dried jasmine flowers and two tablespoons of dried French lavender into the mixing bowl. Stir to incorporate and set a pinch of lavender aside.

Last, using a funnel, pour the milk bath mixture into each jar and top with a pinch of French lavender buds and a jasmine flower. Screw the lid on each milk bath jar and store until used. 

Make these jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars for a sweet slumber. Created with natures’ most calming aroma and ingredients to soothe the body - it’s all about relaxation!

These jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars are the perfect relaxing way to end the day. And it so happens, having a bath before bedtime can help us sleep better.

These milk bath jars can double as a gift of peace and quiet for Mother’s Day or Teacher Appreciation. They also look beautiful in a gift basket with homemade lavender soap, vanilla lavender linen mist, a lavender candle tin, or a lemon lavender sugar scrub


It’s all about relaxation when it comes to making these jasmine lavender DIY milk bath jars.

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