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The Quick Candle Fragrance Calculator You’ve Been Looking For

Use this quick candle fragrance calculator so you will know how much fragrance to use when making candles. 4 oz, 8 oz, or more; here’s how to calculate how much fragrance per candle! 

Crafting the perfect candle is a lot like baking a delectable pound cake. I’ve whipped up countless candles in various containers and sizes over the years, from small travel candles to medium coffee mug candles and large cheese mold candles. Having done so, I’ve learned how important it is to follow a recipe. 

We wouldn’t use the same amount of ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes as we would to make a classic pound cake. Nor can we make a large candle jar with the same amount of ingredients as tea light candles. And I’m not just talking about using the right amount of wax; candle fragrance is equally important! 

How much fragrance is just right? Like the vanilla extract in a pound cake batter – it’s a delicate balance. 

Pouring over formulas and crunching numbers, I realized years back that candle-making requires as much accurate math as baking does. 

I’ve been on a mission ever since to create formulas that make candle-making a breeze. And I’m thrilled to share my brand-new Candle Fragrance Calculator – the ultimate answer to every candle maker’s scent predicament!

No more guesswork, no more candle scent stress. With a few clicks, this spiffy tool reveals exactly how much fragrance oil you need for that dazzling pound of wax. 

Yes, now you’ll be able to quickly know how much fragrance oil per pound of wax and more. So, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned candle maker, this calculator’s got your back.

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Can You Add Too Much Fragrance Oil to Candles? Find out how precision matters. Strike the perfect balance for captivating scents with a Candle Fragrance Calculator.

Can you add too much fragrance oil to candles?

Yes, you can add too much fragrance oil to candles! Overloading with a fragrance can affect the candle’s scent throw and lead to candle problems and safety issues. 

What happens if you put too much fragrance in wax? Adding too much fragrance can cause a candle to self-extinguish or not burn properly. These concerns, as well as a common problem called candle sweating

And even if you have the best fragrance oils for candles, it won’t make a difference if you don’t use the correct amount. Precision matters.

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Can You Mix Fragrance Oils For Candles?

Absolutely! You can mix two or more fragrances into a candle, unleashing endless scent possibilities. Just ensure the total fragrance amount stays within recommended limits to maintain that delicate balance.  

Take a look at how I blend my candle scent recipes!

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How Much Fragrance Oil Do I Use When Making Candles? If you’re stuck on how much fragrance oil to use when making candles, you can count yourself unstuck now with my new Candle Fragrance Calculator!

So, How Much Fragrance Oil Can I Add to My Candles?

When figuring out how much fragrance to use, you need to know the fragrance load of your candle wax first. 

What is a fragrance load? The fragrance load of a candle correlates to the percentage of fragrance used in candle making. It will determine the candle’s scent throw and the maximum amount of fragrance a candle can hold without causing issues.

Luckily, most candle wax makers will include this information on the label and within the product description.

The next step is choosing your desired fragrance load within the capabilities of the candle wax. 

Store-bought candles have a common fragrance load of 6%. Whereas high quality, handcrafted candles can have a fragrance load of up to 12%, depending on the wax blend. 

For example, this pure soy wax has a maximum fragrance load of 12%. When working with this wax, you could choose to make a fragrance load anywhere between 6 and 12 percent.

And my Candle Fragrance Calculator has the capability to let you choose. So, let’s banish those fragrance doubts and make perfectly scented homemade candles a cinch! 

Start your scented candle journey with our Candle Fragrance Calculator. Let science and creativity fuse in your candle-making endeavors.

How Much Fragrance Oil Do I Use When Making Candles?

If you’re stuck on how much fragrance oil to use when making candles, you can count yourself unstuck now. That’s because my new Candle Fragrance Calculator will quickly help you craft scented candles with the right amount of fragrance every time.

Quick Candle Fragrance Calculator

Here’s how to use the candle fragrance calculator: 

  1. Enter how many ounces of candle wax you’ll be using in the first box.
  2. Enter what fragrance load percentage you desire or how much your candle wax can hold.
  3. Click Calculate to determine how many ounces of fragrance you’ll need.

The calculator will quickly compute the amount of fragrance you’ll need in ounces. It is truly as easy as 1,2,3!

Candle Fragrance Calculator


Need help figuring out how much candle wax to use? Use our Candle Wax Calculator!

Are you eager to make scented candles now that you’ve got this spiffy calculator? Why not start by taking our engaging Candle Scent Quiz? You’ll discover scents that resonate with you and kick-start your candle crafting. 

For those craving immediate inspiration, don’t miss out on exploring my curated candle recipes. And if you’re ready to go all-in, grab of copy of my Creative Candles Made Simple Book – your scented candle masterpiece awaits!


Unleash Your Scented Candle Masterpiece! Use my new Candle Fragrance Calculator to craft your scents just right - every time.

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