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3 Most Common Candle Making Questions People Ask

The three common candle making questions people ask most – answered. Including printable charts and candle making tips. 

Making candles at home is an art and a mindful activity in one. It’s a creative process that can be enjoyed during the act and after with the result of beautiful candlelight. Add an exquisite aroma, and you can easily relax and unwind with the light of a DIY candle. 

I started candle making at home years ago in my kitchen with simple mason jars, soy wax, and lavender sprigs from my garden. Little did I know how much candle making would become a part of my life. 

Over the years, I’ve spent hours upon hours creating eco-friendly candles, sharing my mistakes and triumphs with you. And when it comes down to it, the hardest part of making candles is accurately measuring three things; wax, wicks, and fragrance. You’ll undoubtedly run into candle problems without an accurate measurement of each. And who wants that? 

In this question-and-answer guide, I’ll walk you through three fundamental questions essential to candle making at home for beginners and experienced alike. You’ll learn how to make candles and avoid wasting candle supplies by answering each question. 

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With these common candle making questions answered you will be on your way to improving your homemade candles!

Answering The Three Most Common Questions, People Ask About Candle Making

Like many others, I love creating candles at home. But, like sewing a quilt, there are a few things you have to get right to piece it all together. And that’s where these three common candle making questions people ask most come into play.

#1 How Much Fragrance Do You Put In A Candle?

If you want to learn how to make scented candles at home, it’s essential you start with learning the ins and outs of candle fragrance. Beginning with the most common question, “How much fragrance do you put in a candle?”

When it comes to figuring out how much candle fragrance to use, you need to know the fragrance load of your candle wax first. Most candle wax makers will include this on the label or in the product’s description. 

The second step is choosing your desired fragrance load within the capabilities of the candle wax. Store-bought candles have a standard fragrance load of 6 percent. Whereas high quality, handcrafted candles can have a fragrance load of up to 12 percent, depending on the wax blend. 

Take, for example, this pure soy wax has a maximum fragrance load of 10%. You could make candles with a fragrance load anywhere between 6 and 10 percent working with this wax.

Once you have these numbers, the last step is to put them to use with a fragrance load calculator and calculate the fragrance load for your homemade candle. 

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Everyone asks how much wax per candle do I need. It is, in fact, the most asked question I receive about candle making. And the good news is there is a simple solution!

#2 How Much Wax Per Candle Do I Need?

Everyone asks how much wax per candle do I need. It is, in fact, the most asked question I receive about candle making. And the good news is there is a simple solution to how much wax per candle you’ll need. 

You may not have noticed, but wax specifications for fragrance load are always based on weight. And fragrance for candle making is always measured by weight. Not to mention it’s much easier to get an accurate measurement of weight than it is for volume. All it takes is a digital kitchen scale and a little math. 

The key is to put what you know into a formula…

The number of candles you want to make (multiplied by) the volume of your container (minus) the total weight of additives (divided by) 20 (equals) how much wax per candle you need in pounds.

But you can skip the math and use our Candle Wax Calculator instead or Print out this Candle Wax Container Size Swipe File and more in the Simple Living Library.

candle size charts for calculating candle wax

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#3 What Wick Should I Use?

Choosing the right candle wick size for homemade candles can be confusing for beginner and experienced candle makers. Because as candle makers, we make new candles in various containers, shapes, and sizes. 

For example, you will need a different wick size for tea light candles than sugar mold candles or taper candles. So, as they say, we’re constantly returning to the drawing board to choose a candle wick.

Why does candle wick size matter? Making candles with the wrong wick size will always result in a candle problem. In fact, an incorrect candle wick size can cause a host of candle issues! Here are five signs your candle wick is the wrong size. And here’s how to choose the proper candle wick with 3 step checklist. 

Step 1: Candle Wax Type

Soy, coconut, paraffin, or beeswax; each type of candle wax has a unique melting point and density. And these variances must be taken into account for choosing a candle wick. Reading the recommended wax type for use with a candle wick directly from the manufacturer is a good place to start. They are typically helpful and very accurate, as they have done extensive testing before bringing their product to the market. 

Step 2: Fragrance Load and Color

The second step is a quick consideration of the amount of fragrance or color you plan to add to the candle. The more color or amount of fragrance you include, the thicker you’ll want your wick to be. 

Step 3: Candle Type and Size

The third step is to take note of the type of candle you will be making. (I cover candle wax recommendations for just about every type of candle here.) Record measurements for the height and diameter of the candle. 

Now use everything you’ve recorded in this checklist with a corresponding candle wick size chart – 

Use our printable candle wick charts from the Resource Library to cross reference the size of each candle wick you intend to use.

Choosing the correct candle wick is much easier by using a candle wick size chart! Find printable candle wick size charts in the Simple Living Library.  

With these common candle making questions answered, you are well on your way to improving your homemade candles! If you’re a candle-making newbie, check out my in-depth candle-making guide or read my step-by-step Creative Candles Made Simple book.


Answering The Three Most Common Questions, People Ask About Candle Making

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