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DIY Face Mist

I figured out a quick fix that’s easy to make and doesn’t ruin your makeup!

In fact, this little beauty DIY can work double-time for your skin addressing several needs at once, like a stellar personal assistant. What is it? A face mist

10 Skincare Mistakes

10 Common Skincare Mistakes – Which Are You Making in Your Skin Care Routine? A big part of skincare is all about repeating steps each morning and night, day in and day out. BUT, what if you are repeating the wrong steps?

Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup

You want to know that the products you are wearing are as kind to the world as they are to your skin!
Cruelty-free cosmetics are finally becoming the norm, one step at a time. In fact, around 36% of women now say they REFUSE to buy anything from brands that test on animals.