Garbage Can Deodorizer Pods


Need a Garbage Odor Eliminator? I’ve found these ingredients works best to remove garbage odors. But, instead of using them as a one time use, I created a long lasting alternative.

Need a Garbage Odor Eliminator?

If you cook many meals at home as we do, you probably have experienced some unpleasant garbage odors. It’s just one of those things that come with cooking farm-to-table meals. I know we really should do more composting, but it’s just not convenient to run outside all the types to compost food. And I just can’t warm up to the idea of having a little composting bin on the kitchen counter. Can you? So, garbage odors are bound to happen! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience; read the full disclosure policy.

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What haven’t I tried to remove garbage odors? Here’s what I’ve found works best!

What haven’t I tried to remove garbage odors?

I must have a sensitive or strong nose because no kitchen odor gets by me unnoticed. Yeah, it’s a superpower I’d like to be stripped off. So, I have tried a multitude of things to eliminate garbage odors, such as:

Coffee – I filled a small container with fresh coffee grounds and placed it under the sink. While coffee has a strong aroma that I love, this wasn’t the best idea as I accidentally spilled the coffee grounds when reaching for the dishwasher tablets. Yep, that required the vacuum to clean up!

Orange – A traditional handmade ornament, orange pomanders made during the Christmas season smell amazing! They basically consist of poking handfuls of whole cloves into an orange, then hanging to freshen the air. Although fun to make, this is a rather expensive choice as a garbage refresher. Have you seen the price tag on whole cloves?

Peppermint – This stuff is quite the odor eliminator! I even used it to keep the mice away before we got a cat. I have literally dropped straight peppermint essential oil into the garbage bag to banish odors. This works great until my husband takes out the garbage and the bright peppermint scent goes with it.

Lemon – This fruit is a well-known deodorizer too. I use lemon to deodorize my fridge, as a carpet refresher, and linen spray! So, using lemon as a garbage odor eliminator is a no-brainer. After drinking lemon water, cooking, or crafting with lemons, I toss the peels into the trash. The fresh citrus scent really helps mask the garbage odor. That is until once again the garbage gets taken out and a new bag is started.

What works best as a garbage can deodorizer? I’ve found a combination of these essential oils works best to remove garbage odors.

So… What works best as a garbage can deodorizer?

I’ve found a combination of orange, peppermint, and lemon works best to remove garbage odors. But, instead of using them as a one-time use, I created a long-lasting alternative. Easy DIY garbage can deodorizer pods combine the odor removing power of all three in the convenience of a pod. See just how easy they are to use with this recipe for a dozen Citrus Mint Garbage Can Deodorizer Pods.

Citrus Mint Garbage Can Deodorizer Pod Ingredients:

1 cup baking soda

¼ teaspoon sweet orange essential oil

4 tablespoons distilled water

¼ teaspoon lemon essential oil

½ teaspoon peppermint essential oil

1 silicone pod mold

Garbage odors are bound to happen! Create a DIY Garbage Can Deodorizer Pods

How to Make Garbage Can Deodorizer Pods:

Combine one cup baking soda, ¼ teaspoon sweet orange and lemon essential oils, along with half a teaspoon peppermint essential oil in a medium glass mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly to distribute essential oils evenly. Slowly add 4 tablespoons of distilled water, constantly stirring until just moist and clumps form.

Scoop one to two teaspoons of the mixture into a silicone mold (this is the one I use and recommend) press to compact. Allow to dry 24 hours before gently popping out each garbage can deodorizer pod.

Remove Garbage Can Odors:

First, start with a clean garbage can! Rinse the garbage can with soap and water (castile soap works great). Then leave it outside in the sun to dry. Simply drop one citrus mint garbage can deodorizer pod into the bottom of the bin (not in the trash bag) or tape inside the lid. Toss and replace it as needed.

Create a DIY Garbage Can Deodorizer Pods

If you’re experiencing garbage odors, make a batch of easy DIY garbage can deodorizer pods. Harnessing the power of orange, peppermint, and lemon to combat odors in the convenience of a pod!

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    I love this idea. I can wait to make some of these pods. Stop by Thursday Favorite Things since you are one of my feature picks.

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      Thanks, Beverly they are quite useful!

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    Sherry Cole

    This is great! We are featuring this tonight at Totally Terrific Tuesday. Thank you so much for linking up with us. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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      Thanks so much, Sherry I’m hoping over now to check it out!

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    Great DIY tutorial.

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      Thanks Kate!

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    Hi Kristy, I made these garbage odor pods a few days ago and they are still just in powder form,
    I followed your instructions ….so what happened ?? can I save these by redoing them again?
    Hugs Deb.

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      They may crumble a little, but should be set after 24 hours. I wonder if it’s your lack of humidity in the house… since it is winter right now. I would put them back in a bowl add more water and scoop into a mold again. They should feel like wet sand before you put them in the mold.

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    Hi again Kristy, yes I made them and so wanted them to work because I think you are really on to
    something here…they smell great… I’LL redo the recipe again and see what happens if that doesn’t work
    I’ll start from scratch again !!!
    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly appreciate that !!
    Hugs Deb.

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      You’re right they do smell great! OK, I hope that helps.

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    Okkkk…it worked ,they smell great.. thanks Kristy!!!

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      YAY!!! I’m so glad you tried it again 🙂