Natural Streak Free Glass Cleaner


How to make streak-free homemade glass cleaner with natural ingredients

Natural Streak-Free Homemade Glass Cleaner, the end all to glass cleaners

I love the simplicity of making homemade cleaners. If I use up a cleaner, I don’t have to run out to the store to buy another, nor am I adding more plastic to our landfills.

Best of all, I can make them with all natural ingredients!

Speaking of natural ingredients, if you are looking for a natural dust spray that doubles as wood polish, then grab my recipe for a Lemon Cedar Dust Spray. With it and today’s natural cleaning recipe, you can skip the burn that chemical cleaners give your nose…

If you’ve ever used a blue liquid to clean glass, you know what I am talking about. And you won’t need to open a window to ventilate the air either.

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So, what is the best thing to use to clean glass?

The answer to that question includes a few tried and true ingredients and a little secret I discovered! I am sure water, vinegar, and even rubbing alcohol come as no surprise. But, have you ever used cornstarch or lemon essential oil in a glass cleaner?

Cornstarch gives this natural glass cleaner scrubbing power and the lemon essential oil is a natural degreaser. It works with the rubbing alcohol for a streak-free finish.

What else can you clean with it?

If you’ve ever purchased a professional mirror or photo frame cleaner than you know it does not spray on in a dripping liquid form. It sprays on in a foam. This recipe creates professional foam spray without chemicals. And it’s incredible for cleaning photo frames, mirrors, windows, and glass cupboard doors.

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Natural Streak-Free Homemade Glass Cleaner Ingredients:

3/4 cup distilled water

1/8 cup distilled white vinegar

1/8 cup rubbing alcohol

1 tablespoon cornstarch

10 drop lemon essential oil

1 glass 8-ounce spray bottle

How to make a Streak-Free Homemade Glass Cleaner

Pour 3/4 cup distilled water, 1/8 cup white vinegar, and 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol into a glass spray bottle (this is the one I use). Using a funnel add 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Then add 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Place the lid on the spray bottle and shake well to combine. Yields 8 ounces


An all natural streak-free homemade glass cleaner recipe, tested and approved!

How to make streak-free homemade glass cleanerShake before each use. Spray glass and wipe clean with a lint-free cloth. I highly recommend purchasing a microfiber cloth for cleaning glass that you can wash again and again.

Find my favorite cleaning tools and more in my 20 Essentials for Green Living. Don’t forget you can use this recipe for a Streak-Free Homemade Glass Cleaner on windows, mirrors, and photo frames. Make sure to label your bottle. I make my vinyl labels with an electronic cutting machine (this the one I have). But, any label or tag will work.

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    Hey, wonderful recipe! About the alkohol, what is the percentage? Would be Vodka with 37% enough? Or even more like 90%? Can I also use methylated spirits?

    Thank you and have a wonderful new years eve.

    • Reply


      Thanks Jo, Happy New to you!! I use 90 proof vodka. I haven’t tried methylated spirits. If you do and it works, let me know so I can add it as an option here.

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    Thank you for this recipe! Why does it have to be distilled water? Can it be filtered water or it has to be distilled?

    • Reply


      Distilled has had more removed than filtered. The process removes impurities and minerals which we don’t need in a cleaner. In return, the cleaner will last longer as bacteria will be less likely to grow.

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    How long will this mixture last?

    • Reply


      A good 6 months