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Get Ready for Radiant Skin with Summer’s Best DIY Body Scrubs

Summer’s best DIY body scrubs to smooth and soften skin from head to toe! Find easy body scrubs, face scrubs, and more for summer-ready skin.

For those of us that live in the Midwest, summer can be an awkward time. Rare hot temperatures and midday humidity this time of year cause us to reveal more skin than we are accustomed to, just to stay cool. I’m sure many can relate, regardless of your zip code.

Outside of shaving your legs (have you tried my homemade whipped shaving cream?) and paring a tankini with a trendy but long-lasting Turkish beach towel, there’s one major thing you can do for summer-ready skin!

Do you know what it is?

Summer’s Best DIY Body Scrubs

If the photo doesn’t give it away, I’m talking about exfoliation.

It is key to brighter, smoother skin and should not be overlooked in your skincare routine. Why? Because the body sheds skin cells rapidly and if we skip exfoliating, the dead skin cells can pile up, clog our pores, congest the skin, and result in an overall dullness. 

For these reasons, I love making scrubs, lip scrubs, face scrubs, hand scrubs, body scrubs, hair scrubs. I’ve made them all and use each regularly. So if you are new to learning how to make your own sugar scrubs, this is a great place to start!

12  DIY Sugar Scrubs for an Incredible Glow!

12 of the Best DIY Body Scrubs for Summer

I’ve compiled this list of summer’s best DIY body scrubs to smooth and soften skin from head to toe! You’ll find easy scrubs to slough away dead skin and moisturize for summer-ready radiant skin.

Because I think it’s fair to say, most of us would agree we’d rather have a natural glow versus a dark suntan. We’re all aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure, and exfoliation is, in fact, the quickest way to a natural glow.

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Exfoliating Grapefruit Poppy Seed Scrub

#1 Exfoliating Grapefruit Poppy Seed Scrub

Unlock the benefits of grapefruit essential oil in an exfoliating grapefruit poppy seed scrub, perfect for summer skin! Pink Himalayan salt, natural sugar, and poppy seeds sloth away dead skin cells to reveal smoother-looking skin.

#2 Blue Cornflower and Tansy DIY Face Scrub For Acne Flare Ups

I turn to this DIY face scrub for acne to calm flare-ups.  It harnesses the impressive blemish-fighting and skin-soothing benefits of blue cornflower and blue tansy in a homemade face scrub.

I love how this scrub feels on my skin. It’s calming, hydrating, and cleansing all at the same time.

#3 Lavender Lemon Hand Scrub

Have your skin feeling silky smooth in the next 10 minutes… with lavender lemon hand scrub! Published in our Bittersweet Walnut Grove book series, it’s just the thing you need to exfoliate and moisturize for noticeably super soft skin. And it’s not just for your hands – this easy sugar scrub recipe can be applied anywhere to smooth and hydrate dry, rough skin. 

refreshing cucumber mint body scrub

#4 Refreshing Cucumber Mint Body Scrub

When summer heats up, I look for ways to cool down. And this homemade cucumber mint scrub is the best DIY body scrub to use after a day spent in the sun. Natural cane sugar, cucumber slices, coconut oil, and mint leaves help soften the skin with a fresh, clean fragrance like no other!

Get glowing skin right at home with this incredible pomegranate homemade face scrub!

#5 Picture Perfect: Pomegranate Homemade Face Scrub for Glowing Skin

Rather you’ve let too many nights go by without washing your face before bed (definitely a skincare mistake to avoid) building up layers of leftover makeup in your pores or your skin just feels dull this pomegranate homemade face scrub is the refreshing “pick-me-up” your skin craves! 

It’s made with antioxidants and vitamins to balance the skin perfectly. And you’ll find it is super quick to make and apply for a clean, refreshed feeling. Did I mention this fruity concoction looks and smells good enough to eat?

#6 Lavender Homemade Lip Scrub

Adding lip care to your skincare regimen will help keep your lips soft and kissable. And you don’t need to buy expensive beauty products to get started.

Creating a simple, homemade lip scrub with lavender can shed dead skin cells allowing for moisturizing ingredients to soak in faster and lipstick to last longer and go on smoother!!

These lemon poppy seed DIY sugar scrub cubes will help you achieve a natural glow without ever laying poolside. Made with one of the best essential oils for sugar scrub recipes.

#7 Simply Divine Lemon Poppy Seed DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes

These lemon poppy seed DIY sugar scrub cubes are simply divine, made with one of the best essential oils for sugar scrub recipes. 

What’s a sugar scrub cube? 

A DIY sugar scrub cube is basically a body scrub in bite-size form. Yep,  you get all the benefits of exfoliation, be it dry skin or dull skin, as well as the skin-nourishing benefits of moisturizing ingredients in the simplicity of a cube.

Coconut Lavender Foot Scrub

#8 Softening Coconut Lavender Foot Scrub

Do you kick your shoes off every chance you get during the summer to walk barefoot whenever possible? Yeah, me too! Well, you can say “Goodbye” to your rough heels with a handmade softening coconut lavender foot scrub!

An easy citrus and lime DIY salt glow is all you need for quick remedy to dry, dull skin.

#9 Citrus and Lime DIY Salt Glow

This recipe for a cilantro and lime DIY salt glow is simple to make and almost good enough to eat!

What is a salt glow?

Unlike the other recipes in this list, a salt glow uses salt instead of sugar. It is designed to exfoliate and shed the top layer of dry, irritated skin. At the same time, moisturizing to reveal smooth, hydrated skin. Resulting in lustrous, glowing skin!

How to make a homemade green tea body scrub

#10 Energizing Green Tea Body Scrub

Need a Burst of Energy?

Steamed from the Camellia sinensis plant leaves, green tea is a natural energy booster packed full of other incredible ingredients. Such as skin-loving antioxidants and L-theanine, an amino acid shown to promote a state of calm awareness.

All of which I’ve found to be a wonderful addition to skincare treatments. This recipe for a homemade green tea body scrub reaps the many benefits of green tea and gives it a beautiful shade of green.

#11 Clarifying DIY Scalp Scrub

We exfoliate our feet, knees, elbows, lips, and face. Why leave out your scalp? The scalp is no different than the skin on your lips, legs, or anywhere else.

And summer might be the most needed time for a scalp scrub. Think chlorine pool water, hair spray, dry shampoo, you name it… Your scalp could benefit from a little extra TLC too! Remove the build-up of hair products, oil, and dead skin cells. And clear clogged hair follicles with a DIY scalp scrub and detox for healthy, shiny hair.

Exfoliate and Nourish Skin with a Natural Skin Tightening Hazelnut Coffee Body Scrub

#12 Hazelnut Coffee Body Scrub Recipe

No DIY body scrub list would be complete without a coffee scrub!

Coffee is most known for a morning caffeine jolt. But did you know it can give your skin a jolt too? Coffee is packed full of antioxidants, making it naturally anti-aging and detoxifying too. Best of all, it is a natural astringent that makes your skin tighter and firmer. Here’s how to make a coffee scrub with tips for the best application.

Smooth and soften skin with this list of 12 Summer’s Best DIY Body Scrubs.

Smooth and soften skin with this list of 12 Summer’s Best DIY Body Scrubs. Then, show off your summer-ready radiant skin! (Pin now to come back to later)

What’s your favorite DIY body scrub for summer? Tag #lifenreflection on Instagram to share yours with us.

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      Dark spots on the face are natural, but they can make us feel self-conscious. I wouldn’t recommend a body scrub for dark spots on the face. A simple cleansing routine with a toner and moisturize can help. Find recipes for each in my Nightly Skincare Routine – Also, Aloe Vera Gel contains vitamins A, C, and, E, which help to reduce brown spots and even out skin tone. It is included in my cleanser and moisturizer recipes.

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