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 5 Ways to Chase Away the Winter Blues / How to Beat the Winter Blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues

This time of year the short days, long nights, and bitter cold can snap the positive side right out of us. And when we’re feeling down we often reach for sugar or caffeine. I’ve found five healthy ways to beat the winter blues without calories!

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5 Ways to Chase Away the Winter Blues

#1 Brighten Up

Light a candle or two or three on especially gray days to brighten things up and keep the winter blues away. No candles? Make One! Try my winter candle recipe for Blue Spruce Hand Poured Candles. Learn all the basics of creating chemical-free candles in my article for the Herbal Academy.

#2 Soak Away the Winter Blues

Winter nights can feel so long, due to the sun setting earlier than any other time of the year. Use the extra time in the evening to de-stress and relax in a long winter bath soak. Mix up an extra special Mint Lavender Mineral Bath or a Rich Spiced Chai Latte Bath.

#3 Clean and De-clutter

That’s right I said clean! Deep cleaning your home will not only chase away the cobwebs, but it is also known for improving your mood in times of stress. Maybe it’s the normalcy of the actions or the sense of satisfaction we receive from putting things back in order. Get cleaning with 6 Cleaners to Stop Buying and Start Making and a handy Winter Speed Cleaning Checklist! Grab it and more printables, checklists, and reference guides in the Life-n-Reflection Resource Library.

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5 Ways to Chase Away the Winter Blues. Clever methods of self care, hygee, and more!

#4 Cuddle Time

When the temperatures dip down, pile on the pillows and soft cuddly blankets. Drink a hot cup of tea, read a book, watch a movie, or plan your spring garden under the blankets. And with all those soft linens about you have the perfect opportunity to use a linen or room spray. Make a Vanilla Lavender Linen Spray or a Happy Citrus Room Spray with essential oils.

#5 Scrub Away the Winter Blues

OK, this time I’m not talking about cleaning. But, you haven’t done enough scrubbing yet… Mix up a body scrub to combat the dry winter air and you’ll be glowing outside and inside! Scrub away the winter blues with a Pumpkin Caramel Body Scrub or a Grapefruit Poppy Seed Body Scrub.

How are you managing to stay positive during the winter season? For more ideas check out my tips on how to Hygee with Essential Oils.

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