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Hand Stamped DIY Candle Bags For Candle Packaging 

These DIY candle bags for candle packaging are beautiful stamped bags anyone can make with cloth drawstring bags. They are perfect for candle gift bags and logos too!

With the holidays around the corner, I wanted to come up with an idea to gift wrap the dozens of homemade candles I’ve made this year while writing Creative Candle Made Simple. And I’m happy to say this candle packaging idea is an easy DIY project anyone can make! 

I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping presents! It’s not uncommon for me to save ribbons, bags, and boxes to make my own gift wrap. While I enjoy wrapping gifts for all occasions, I like making Christmas gift wrap extra special. This is a super simple, affordable, and fast DIY Christmas gift wrap that happens to fit candles perfectly!

I hand-stamped each of these bags and slipped homemade massage candles inside, but they’re not just for candles. Cloth drawstring bags are a simple way to wrap sugar scrub jars, hand cream, milk baths, lip balms, and other homemade gifts.  

(And if you love rustic, simple gift wrap, you’ll love these soap packaging ideas too!) 

But if gift wrap isn’t your thing and you’re looking for a shortcut, these DIY candle bags are for you too! They actually cut down on wrapping time, and there’s no worrying about folding the perfect corners or running out of tape. And on top of that – you can avoid paper cuts when wrapping with cloth bags. 

So, put on the holiday music, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or pour yourself a glass of wine and follow these steps to make easy DIY candle bags! 

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If you happen to be green-minded like me, then you will appreciate the fact that these DIY candle bags are a sustainable candle packaging idea.

Sustainable Candle Packaging Idea

If you happen to be green-minded like me, then you will appreciate the fact that these DIY candle bags are a sustainable candle packaging idea. You can choose from a variety of organic cotton and organic muslin bags that are environmentally friendly and a great alternative to plastic bags. 

Cloth drawstring bags can be purchased in various sizes, from 3” x 5” to 5” x 7” and bigger. Their ideal for holiday gift wrapping because they won’t be thrown away like the majority of Christmas gift wrap. For not a lot, you can buy several cloth drawstring bags to reuse year after year. But they also make beautiful packaging for handmade candles that is entirely reusable. 

You can easily repurpose the candle bags to make dried lavender sachets, store small items like essential oils or jewelry or use them for homemade bath tea

And once your candles burn their way through, don’t forget to clean the container and find another way to use it. Like candle bags, candle containers are great for many things. I shared here how to clean candle jars, remove the wax, and fifty ways to reuse them!

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How Do You Add Your Label To Candle Bags?

How Do You Add Your Label To Candle Bags?

These natural cloth bags are a simple, inventive way to elevate not only your gift-giving but your candle brand too. The cotton drawstrings bags are a blank canvas you can customize for the holidays, special occasions, or with your brand’s logo.

You can label each bag by stamping your logo on the front with the instructions below or applying a vinyl decal. 

Each bag is strong enough to hold several sample candle tins or travel candle tins and a 4 oz, 6oz, or 8oz candle. You can also slip one or two trays of candle wax melts inside a bag. 

Your customers will appreciate the careful packaging of a candle in a hand-stamped 100% organic cotton bag that is eco-friendly and reusable. And it makes gift gifting easy on them too. 

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Making Hand Stamped Candle Bags For Candle Packaging 

These DIY candle bags for candle packaging are beautiful stamped bags anyone can make! Their blank canvas is perfect for personalized candle gift bags and logos.

The natural color of cotton muslin bags allows your design colors to stand out. I will mention the thinner the bag, the easier they will wrinkle. So you may want to iron each bag first to get a smooth surface for stamping or applying vinyl logos.  

Candle Bag Supplies:

clear stamps 

clear stamp block

green stamp ink pad

brown stamp ink pad 

cotton muslin drawstring bags 

1 piece of cardstock 

How to Stamp Candle Bags:

  1. Cut a piece of thick cardstock to fit inside a bag and insert it into the bag’s opening. The cardstock not only creates a stiff surface to stamp on but also prevents the ink from bleeding through to the other side. You can use the same piece of cardstock for each bag unless you get ink on it. 
  2. With your cardstock in place, liberally ink your stamp by gently pressing it straight down into the ink pad. Then pull the stamp straight up and check to ensure you don’t have ink on the edges of the stamp. If you do, use a q-tip to remove it. 
  3. Now position your stamp on the front of the bag and stamp it with firm pressure. Do not rock the stamp or put your entire weight into it. Again pull the stamp straight up after pressing to avoid smudges. 
  4. Repeat for additional colors, like I did to make a green wreath and a brown message that reads, “one of a kind.” 
  5. Remove the cardstock from the bag and reuse it to continue stamping each candle bag.
These natural cloth DIY candles bags are a simple inventive way to not only elevate your gift giving, but your candle brand too.

The candle lover in your life will light up with a handmade candle inside a stamped DIY candle bag. Tuck in a few matches or a special note with a candle if you like. Each makes a charming, unexpected take on gift wrap! 

Use this candle tip to package candles for teacher gifts, Mother’s Day, wedding favors, or Christmas. Their DIY touch adds a little extra something that makes your handmade candle all the more special. 


I’m happy to say this DIY candle bag packaging idea is an easy DIY project that anyone can make!

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