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5 Herbal Room Spray Recipes That Lasts

Here’s how to make room spray with five herbal room spray recipes. Each creates an all-natural room spray that lasts long. 

I have a love for herbs. Fresh or dried, we use them every day in our home. And not just in the kitchen. Did you know herbs are fantastic for skin care and cleaning too? 

Over the years, I’ve grown a variety of herbs to keep up with my recipes and DIY projects. There’s just something about bringing the herb garden into our home. And these herbal room sprays are one of the best ways to get the freshness of the garden inside to enjoy each variety long after the growing season. 

They are not only beautiful, but each natural room spray recipe is also functional. 

You can eliminate odor, de-stress, welcome guests, and softly fall asleep with herbal room sprays! 

Read how to make a room spray stronger so it lasts longer, and find a list of five DIY herbal room sprays to enjoy in your home below. 

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There are two things you can do differently than the average room spray recipe to make the scent stronger and last longer. Read our guide to discover both!

How can I make my room spray stronger so it lasts longer?

You can do two things differently than the average room spray recipe to make the scent stronger and last longer. 

1. Go for the Strong Stuff

Many make the mistake of adding essential oils to a bottle of water and call it a room spray. That doesn’t work. Water will not mix the oils. Grain alcohol 190 proof or 90% to 95%, such as Everclear or 91% isopropyl alcohol, will solubilize the essential oils allowing the scent to be stronger and linger longer. It will also act as a preservative, so your homemade room spray won’t go bad in a short time. 

2. Include a Hydrosol 

When you replace the water in a room spray recipe with a hydrosol, you really strengthen the fragrance. These are often called flower waters, rose water being the most common. 

A few years ago, I began making my hydrosol with cuts from my herb garden. Read a complete tutorial on how to make your own too.  If you’re not a garden, no worries, I’ve linked to where to buy a hydrosol or floral water for each recipe below. 

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Read how to make a room spray stronger so it lasts longer and find a list of five DIY herbal room sprays to enjoy in your home too!

How do you make herbal room sprays?

If you are a chronic DIY’er, then you totally understand my passion for making things. An herbal room spray is one you’ll make time and time again. It is fun to choose herbs and essential oils that smell great together, but you also know it’s an all-natural room spray. 

Keeping things simple and natural is my motto. But, I am all about making our home smell good too.

What herbs and essential oils smell good together? There are endless combinations one can make with herbs and essential oils. I’ve created five unique room spray recipes by choosing ingredients that smell great together and work together toward a purpose. That’s why you’ll find a room spray below for sleep, cleaning, and staying well, for example. 

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5 Herbal Room Spray Recipes

We’ll start with a simple base for each room spray. Then we will add herbal hydrosols or floral water and essential oils from the recipes below. 

You’ll Need:

Glass spray bottles

Kitchen funnel

91% isopropyl alcohol or Everclear 


Essential Oils

How To Make Room Spray:

1. First, use a kitchen funnel to fill each 8-ounce glass spray bottle with 1 ounce of alcohol and 6 ounces of the hydrosol listed in one of the recipes below. For small bottles such as a 4-ounce spray bottle, cut the recipe down and add 1/2 ounce of alcohol and 3 ounces of a hydrosol. 

2. Then, add the appropriate number of essential oil drops. Aim for a total of 30 to 50 drops of essential oil for an eight-ounce spray bottle. Add a sprig of dried or fresh rosemary or dash of lavender buds if you like. And place the spray nozzle on each bottle and shake well. 

(Some recipes may turn yellow or off-white. But, not to worry. Essential oils like orange and clove contain some of their natural colors.)

Soft and Slow Room Spray Recipe

This sweet, floral-herbal room spray is everything you need to fall asleep softly. 

6 ounces Lavender hydrosol 

2 ounces 90% to 95% alcohol 

30 drops Neroli essential oil

20 drops Vanilla essential oil

Stay Well Room Spray Recipe

Seasonal sniffles or the neighbor bug can stay away with this room spray recipe. 

6 ounces Tea Tree hydrosol 

10 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

10 drops Lemon essential oil 

2 ounces 90% to 95% alcohol 

10 drops Rosemary essential oil

10 drops Clove essential oil

Fire Cider Room Spray Recipe

If you want a natural room spray recipe that smells like home – this is it!

6 ounces Calendula hydrosol

10 drops Fennel essential oil

20 drops Cinnamon essential oil

10 drops Frankincense essential oil

2 ounces 90% to 95% alcohol 

Uplift Room Spray Recipe

As for this room spray recipe, it’s an uplifting fruity, floral aromatherapy blend.

6 ounces White rose water

2 ounces 90% to 95% alcohol 

15 drops Bergamot essential oil

20 drops Geranium essential oil

15 drops Orange essential oil

Footsteps Room Spray Recipe

Spray this room spray in your husband’s boots or tennis shoes. And give it a mist in your coat closet or mudroom to banish odors. 

2 ounces 90% to 95% alcohol 

6 ounces Chamomile hydrosol

30 drops Rosemary essential oil

10 drops Sage essential oil

More ways to use your favorite room spray!

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4 More Ways to Use a Room Spray

Need more ideas on how to use a room spray? Here are four more ways you can put these room sprays to use! 

Freshen Linens:

Give your pillows, throws, blankets, or drapes a refresh with a few mists above or near them. (Don’t spray directly on fabrics.) 

Mist in the Shower:

Keep musty smells away in the bathroom or have an aromatherapy shower by using as a room spray in the shower. 


Room sprays make great gifts for hostesses, a new home, and teachers too. 

Spray in the Car:

Cars need refreshing, too; use a room spray to banish odors and brighten your drive. 

I keep these on full rotation in your home, and I know you’ll enjoy each too. Did I mention these are just pretty sitting on your bedside table and in the guest room? 


I keep these herbal room spray recipes on full rotation in your home and I know you’ll enjoy each too.

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