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How to Make Blue Spruce Hand Poured Candles

I don’t miss decorating a real Christmas Tree

For the majority of our marriage, nine years to be exact we brought home a real Christmas tree.

I always dreamed of watching my husband chop down an evergreen tree from a little country Christmas tree farm. With snowflakes falling, we’d drive home…

DIY Natural Fall Potpourri

Create a Simple, yet Beautiful Autumn Display with DIY Natural Fall Potpourri.
I don’t know about you, but I love getting my home ready for fall! And pulling together the spicy aromas of fall makes our home even cozier this season. As if the autumn rains, cozy blankets, and chocolate…

7 Day Challenge to Natural Living

Go Greener Around the Home with a 7 Day Challenge to Natural Living
Are you putting off making greener choices because of the expense or difficulty? Then you might be going about it the wrong way. An Eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult!

Sustainable living can be as…

20 Must Have Green Living Essentials

Detox and Simplify Your Home with 20 Must-Have Green Living Essentials
10 years ago when my husband and I adopted a puppy, we began to detox and simplify our home. Concerned about all the harsh chemicals in our household cleaning products we began our journey to natural living with these…

Citronella Lemon Bowl Candles

Is there anything more satisfying than an end-of-summer get-together under the stars sharing stories and a farm-to-table meal?

When autumn draws near and summer comes to end, we gather friends and family on our deck and large screen porch from the third floor. Our home is tucked into the rolling…