Honey and Goat Milk Soap Recipe


Does the thought of making honey and goat milk soap intimidate you? 

I love making soap for our family and especially for handmade gifts. But making soap with lye is just not an option for me with a little one underfoot. If you know me well, you’ll know I don’t give up easily. Maybe it’s from my upbringing or maybe it’s because I’m an enneagram 7… 

Nonetheless, I discovered how to make goat milk soap with honey and all sorts of other creative soap making ingredients without scary lye or latex rubber gloves (which I’m allergic too). 

Want to know how to make soap without lye? That’s easy! Let me introduce you to a melt and pour soap base recipe.

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This is one of the simplest melt and pour soap recipes I’ve made. Not only does it make an easy handmade gifts for friends and family, but the rich lather and sweet scent make them irresistible not to keep one for yourself.

Why use a melt and pour soap base?

A melt and pour soap base like my favorite goat milk soap base makes it so easy to make homemade soap without lye (active lye that is). And it’s as simple as it sounds – melt and pour! 

You see by using a goat milk soap base that has already gone through the saponification process – you skip the hassle and risk of working with active lye. And milking a goat for that matter! 

If that wasn’t easy enough, making soap with a melt and pour soap base really speeds up the process! 

Can you believe I made these adorable honey and goat milk soap bars in 15 minutes? And that includes the time it took to gather the supplies.

So, as you can see the result is still a beautifully handcrafted soap even if it’s made the easy way. You get to choose the melt and pour soap base, soap shape, size, color, scent, and additives like honey, lavender flowers, or orange zest. And by doing so you can choose soap making ingredients with benefits for the skin too! 

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Goat Milk and Honey Soap Benefits:

Regardless of how easy it is this honey and goat milk soap recipe boasts many benefits for the skin. The goat milk soap base contains a great source of many vitamins and nutrients to nourish the skin. As well as the anti-inflammatory properties of goat milk to soothe itchy skin and rich fats to moisturize the skin. 

What does honey do in soap? The addition of raw honey beefs up the moisturizing power, adds a sweet scent and helps the preserves the soap as honey is antibacterial. 

How can you add honey to melt and pour soap? 

I’ve been asked a few times on Instagram about adding honey to soap. Even THE Soap Queen herself has a lot to say about this! She recommends adding no more than ½ teaspoon of honey per pound of soap. And she is right! Adding more than that causes the soap to become too soft and increasing sweating or what’s called glycerin dew. Check out the Soap Queens honey test in melt and pour soap recipes. It’s a great visual!

But, with the right combination of honey and goat milk an ultra-smooth, creamy soap can be made. 

I’ve made this honey and goat milk soap recipe several times. It’s not only quick to make but it is also quite nourishing for the skin. I turn to it in the cold, dry months of years to keep our skin feeling soft and hydrated. Adding a little vitamin E oil and vanilla extract creates a rich sweet lather that makes me go back to this melt and pour soap recipe again and again. 

This honeycomb and bumblebee soap mold just adds to its’ beauty. This recipe will fill half of the soap mold to make 10 soaps. And doubling the recipe will fill the whole soap mold to make 19 soaps.

How To Make Honey and Goat Milk Soap:

1. Prepare the honeycomb silicone mold by cleaning, drying, and spritzing with rubbing alcohol. 

2. Carefully slice 1 pound of goat milk soap base into cubes that are approximately ½” to 1” in size using a soap knife

3. Scoop the sliced goat milk soap base into a large glass measuring cup. Place it in the microwave and melt the soap base in 30 seconds intervals, stirring intermittently to avoid burning.

4. Remove the melted soap base promptly from the microwave and add ½ teaspoon raw honey, ¼ teaspoon vitamin E oil, and ⅛ teaspoon vanilla extract. Blend thoroughly together using a non-stick heat resistant spatula

5. Pour the honey and goat milk soap into the prepared honeycomb silicone mold. Carefully distribute evenly between sections to avoid overflow.  

6. If needed, spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles in the soap. Then allow soap to cool in the mold for one to two hours or until solid before removing. 

This honey and goat milk soap recipe makes easy handmade gifts for friends. The finished soaps have a classic bumblebee and honeycomb shape that makes each look expensive and elegant.

Packaging Handmade Soap for Gifting

This honey and goat milk soap recipe make easy handmade gifts for friends. The finished soaps have a classic bumblebee and honeycomb shape that makes each look expensive and elegant. 

Slip one inside a small, transparent glassine bag to gift. Or place a soap inside a metal tin for the perfect zero waste gift! If you are looking for more handmade gift ideas don’t miss my fan favorite Holiday Essential Oil Gift Making book. It’s an incredible resource to make luxurious, yet simple gifts for everyone on your list!

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This is one of the simplest melt and pour soap recipes I’ve made. Not only does it make easy handmade gifts for friends and family, but the rich lather and sweet scent make them irresistible not to keep one for yourself. 

Have you made soap with a melt and pour soap recipe? I’d love to see it! Tag #lifenreflection on Instagram to share yours. And don’t forget to pin this recipe to make soon.





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    This soap recipe sounds so soothing and is a beautiful holiday gift idea, Kristy! And I love the in-depth explanation of each step.
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      Awe thank you Irena!! I love making soap for gifting!!

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    What a wonderful recipe! This would make a great Christmas gift too!

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    What a lovely recipe Kristy! I love the combination of Milk and Honey.

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      Thanks Celine, this combination does make for a creamy lather.

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    These are adorable, Kristy! We have recently discovered melt and pour and have been having lots of fun experimenting. These are too cute!
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      Isn’t it so easy to work with? Not dealing with active lye is so much easier!