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10 Creative DIY Colored Candles Adding Personality Beyond Candle Fragrance

Learn how to make colored candles to match your party theme, wedding colors, or home decor with these 10 creative DIY colored candles.

Many would agree candle fragrance is the most important component of candle making. But, learning how to color candle wax will add a wow factor to your homemade candles. 

Similar to accessorizing an outfit. A well-paired blouse and pants look even better when you add accessories. With a bracelet, tied scarf, and hat, for example, you fully complete the style. Each piece working together for a well-put-together look. 

Coloring candle wax has the same effect as accessorizing. It fully completes the look, giving your candles a personality beyond candle fragrance. 

What I love most about making DIY colored candles is the way they add a colorful element to your party centerpiece, dining tablespace, powder room shelf, or coffee table. Honestly, anywhere a colored candle is placed will add an artist’s touch in addition to the intriguing candle scent.

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Where Do You Start with How to Make Colored Candles? These 10 DIY colored candles are a great place to begin!

Where Do You Start with How to Make Colored Candles?

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I tried nearly everything out there to make DIY colored candles. Food coloring (impossible to blend), crayons (smelled horrible), and more, until after six months of testing ways to color candle wax I nailed it! 

Like most things, it all came down to functionality for me. I needed a method to color candle wax that did not cause any of these candle problems

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What Worked? How Do You Color Candle Wax? 

Well, after much trial and error, I found candle dye chips were the best way to color candle wax. They are made of wax and highly pigmented color to create fully saturated colored candles. 

They are the easiest thing I’ve tested and produce consistent results, even for small batch DIY colored candles. Specially made for candle makers, they come in a variety of colors. And the colors can even be combined to make endless variations. 

Printable Candle Making Guide to Colored Candles

Get your hands on an easy guide to coloring candle wax in our Simple Living Library today!

You’ll love that they are non-toxic, non-staining, skin safe, and irritant-free too. Follow these steps to calculate how much candle dye chips you’ll need to color candle wax for your containers here. Or follow along with instructions for each DIY candle blow. 

Making your own candle is fun and fairly simple with these 10 creative DIY color candles!

10 Creative DIY Colored Candles

Rather you’re making these for a party, to match your home decor, or as a gift, each will add a wow factor. They look beautiful when lit and when they’re not. Making your own candle is fun and fairly simple with these 10 creative DIY color candles! 

Fun and affordable ways to make DIY colored candles!

#1 Easy Apple Cider Candle Tins

Does anything sound more perfect than a misty autumn morning watching fall leaves gently dancing to the ground with a cup of warm cider between your hands and a handmade fall candle twinkling in the windowsill (I think not)? 

I adore autumn and pretty much everything about the season. With this all-in-one candle making kit, I’ll show how to make easy apple cider candle tins from start to finish!! They’re the perfect candy apple red colored candle. 

Anyone can make these farm-fresh pine candles with this step by step candle making tutorial.

#2 Farm Fresh Pine Candles

These pine green colored candles are the perfect DIY Christmas candle. The fresh pine scent is a holiday favorite that can be enjoyed throughout the fall and winter months. And if you have an outdoorsman in your life the scent will have them remembering all their outdoor adventures or pining for more, no pun intended. 

Not only do they smell amazing, but they also look adorable in gift baskets and your friends will love adding one to their holiday decorations. Space 3 or 5 across your holiday dinner table or mantel with stockings hung below. Anyone can make these farm-fresh pine candles with this step by step candle making tutorial.

These hot cocoa peppermint candles in a mug are fun to make on a snow day with your school-aged children. They’ll love the sweet hot cocoa fragrance with the bright scent of peppermint!

#3 Hot Cocoa Peppermint Candle Mugs

In the evenings it’s all about hot cocoa in our house! My daughter and I love to enjoy a mug of homemade hot cocoa topped with vanilla marshmallows while we snuggle up and watch a movie on snowy days.  And a hot cocoa peppermint candle in a mug is the perfect cozy addition to curling up in front of the TV to watch a new movie or read a book. It smells delicious, made with real peppermint oil and natural creamy soy wax colored with candle dye chips poured into a mini mug. 

#4 DIY Champagne and Wine Colored Candles

Unlike beeswax or soy wax, gelly wax doesn’t crack or separate and doesn’t require being poured at a specific temperature. Simply melt, color, add scent, and pour into your container of choice. Using containers of wine glasses or champagne glasses, with candles colored to match of course. Perfect for bridesmaid gifts or holiday gifts… and maybe even favors for a vineyard wedding. 

It doesn’t take much to color these candles, once your wax is almost fully melted add one flake of color dye at a time. (Sounds so simple right!) Here’s how to make these DIY champagne and wine-colored candles.

#5 Natural Ombre Candles

What if you could make a natural essential oil candle that changes fragrance and color as you burn it? It’s a lot easier to do than you would think. Making ombre candles with complimenting colors is the first step, choosing essential oils that smell lovely on their own and blended together is the second. (I’m dying to try this!!) 

This DIY candle project will take you about 45 minutes to an hour. Follow these directions to make Ombre Candles

Make a gorgeous soft pink colored candle that you can enjoy in your home or give as a gift.

#6 DIY Wood Wick Colored Candles

Make a gorgeous soft pink colored candle that you can enjoy in your home or give as a gift. This candle making tutorial includes free printable labels to dress the outside of your candle too (talk about accessorizing)!

#7 Mason Jar Colored Candles

If you’ve been nervous to try your hand at candle making … don’t be!

I promise you it’s really not that difficult and the results are rewarding. Honestly, how to make mason jar candles is surprisingly easy! You can leave the jars plain or embellish them with lace, burlap, raffia, twine … whatever you have on hand like Jennifer at Town and Country Living did.

If you’ve been nervous to try your hand at candle making … don’t be!

#8 Pumpkin Pie Double Wick Candles

Follow our step by step candle making instructions for pumpkin pie double wick candle a creative twist on a Thanksgiving classic. You and your guest will love these inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations.

These double wick candles are a fun twist on classic pumpkin pie, dyed with just the right amount of orange candle dye. Inspired by our favorite Thanksgiving dessert these homemade candles smell good enough to eat. When you’re craving another slice of pie this Thanksgiving light a pumpkin pie double wick candle. No forks required, just light and enjoy the yummy scent! 

#9 DIY Colored Candle Votives

These votive colored candles use a disposable Dixie cup in place of candle mold and blue candle dye for rich color. Once completely cool, simply peel off the Dixie cup from the candles. Let cure for 24 hours. Trim the wick to approx. 1/4 inch, place in an appropriate votive holder, light & enjoy. Such a fun and affordable way to make DIY colored candles!

#10 Mason Jar Layered Candles

Mason jar layered candles are quick & easy to make as well as giving you room for creativity because of their larger capacity. In this candle making tutorial learn how to pour three layers of different colors and scents. You can customize each layered candle by the season, holiday, special occasion, or simply for your home’s decor. 


Which of these DIY color candles are you going to make first? Are you going to keep it for yourself or share it as a creative gift? Either way, you might just be shocked how pretty each colored candle is. 

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