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20 Ways to Use Herbs: Easy Herbal Projects

These twenty ways to use herbs are easy herbal projects you can make out of herbs from your herb garden or dried herbs.

Whether it’s the beginning of a spring flourish or in the middle of winter, herbs can be grown year-round. I personally love growing herbs, whether indoors or outdoors. The variations of herbs and their versatile uses have always kept me growing them time and time again. There’s something to be said for the feeling of getting your hands dirty in some fresh soil and simply enjoying the process of herb gardening.

While many people use herbs for their medicinal uses, I think herbal projects outside of health often get left out. This is a shame because of just how many ways you can use herbs! From homemade chamomile tea bath bags to herbal room spray, you’ll find that you can use herbs, fresh or dried, for pretty much anything!

So whether you’re a beginner gardener or an expert who’s found themselves with a bountiful harvest of herbs, I’m certain you’ll love these simple herb projects.

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Happily, there’s a full range of different projects you can make with herbs. Check out these twenty ways to use herbs from your garden!

What can I do with my herbs?

Herbs are all-around, and their uses vary depending on the herb you use. If you have some extra fresh herbs, I highly recommend drying some of them. I love drying herbs whenever I get the chance! From enriching homemade pasta sauces to garnishing drinks, dried herbs have just as many uses as their fresh counterparts.

Simply hanging your herbs to dry can double as a fantastic decor piece. I love incorporating herbs into decor around my home. From the harvest season of fall to the vibrant colors used in spring and summer, you’ll find that herbs can have a decorative role in any season. And it turns out that there are many uses for herbs around the home.

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What to make out of herbs?

Happily, there’s a full range of different projects you can make with herbs. When I have an overstock of fresh and dried herbs, I love to plan what I want to make. That way, I’m already setting aside the necessary amount of herbs for each DIY. Doing so ensures that I don’t start a project without having enough herbs to finish it.

The sky’s the limit with herb projects! From foods, sweets, and drinks to bath salts, soaps, and sugar scrubs, there’s a plethora of DIYs for any need when it comes to herbs. Speaking of… Let’s get to it! Follow along for some incredible herbal DIYs that you’ll find yourself making in no time!

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Here’s twenty incredible herbal DIYs that you’ll find yourself making in no time!

20 Innovative Herb Uses: Simple Herbal Projects Anyone Can Do

If you’re looking for herbal projects beyond medicinal tinctures, you’ve come to the right place! Not to mention, you can benefit from ditching chemicals and synthetics designed to mimic herbs with these fantastic herbal DIYs!

1. Sage Chamomile Bath Tea Bag

Here’s how to make herbal bath tea bags with chamomile and sage to calm, soothe, and lift away the stress of the day.

If you’re looking for a new way to treat yourself in the bath, try this sage chamomile bath tea bag! Clarifying sage and calming chamomile make a great duo that leaves you feeling relaxed and your skin looking replenished.

2. Herbal Room Spray Recipes

There are two things you can do differently than the average room spray recipe to make the scent stronger and last longer. Read our guide to discover both!

Not only do these herbal room spray recipes give your room a fresh scent, but they’re also long-lasting. This DIY will have you coming back time and time again! The fun of making this is that you get to pick your own herbs and essential oils to scent your home!

3. Lavender Travel Candle Tins

Bring the fresh, light scent of lavender on your travels with this creative lavender use!

If you love to travel or wind up traveling a lot for work, this lavender travel candle tin is a new travel necessity! Ever since I first made it, I haven’t gone on vacation without one.

4. Citrus Bowl Herbal Diffusers

Citrus Bowl Diffusers

This unique citrus bowl herbal diffuser will become your new favorite centerpiece. Skip the expensive flowers at the table and enjoy the blissful aroma of this DIY.

5. Floral Bath Salts

How do you make bath salts with dried flowers?

Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift or to treat yourself, this floral bath salt recipe is the answer you seek! With vibrant florals adding an elegant touch of color, these bath salts can be made with just about any flowering herb your heart desires.

6. Herb Candle Wax Melts

I love a fragrant home if I haven’t already made it obvious. These herb candle wax melts are so simple to make and can be taken anywhere and gifted easily! If you’ve longed to try candle-making but haven’t got the time or the confidence, I assure you this is the perfect place to start.

7. Blue Cornflower Oatmeal Soap

Get all the jasmine, blue cornflower and oatmeal soap benefits for dry, itchy skin in one easy melt and pour soap recipe.

This blue cornflower oatmeal soap is neither time-consuming nor hard to replicate, yet it`s packed with vitamins and minerals for the skin. Hydrating and softening this soap is excellent for anyone with sensitive or dry skin.

8. Herbal Homemade Scouring Powder

I love making this herbal homemade scouring powder!

It goes without saying that the sink gets dirty. There are some products that require no scrubbing, but they’re usually filled with unwanted chemicals. However, if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease and scrub, this herbal homemade scouring powder is a true power cleaner unlike any other. 

9. Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub

This sweet, refreshing lemon lavender sugar scrub recipe is designed to gently exfoliate, deeply nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. Whip up a batch now and you’ll have your skin feeling silky smooth in just minutes!

Longing for super soft skin from head to toe? And what to smell phenomenal while you’re at it? Try this refreshing lemon lavender sugar scrub! Easy to make and simple to use, you’ll find yourself hooked on this sugar scrub.

10. Jasmine Aloe Vera Soap Bar

Are you in love with soap making too? Come make jasmine aloe vera soap with me!!

While easiest to get, commercial soap bars can be rough and irritating to the skin. Pure aloe vera, however, is moisturizing and will enrich your skin. Add that to one of the world’s most fragrant flowers, and the result is this jasmine aloe vera soap bar you’ll enjoy making time and time again. 

11. Citrus Stove Top Potpourri

Citrus Summer Homemade Stove Top Potpourri

It should come as no surprise to you that store-bought air fresheners have a number of harmful toxins in them. Yet, there has to be a healthy alternative, right? Well, there is! This citrus stove top potpourri allows you to enjoy the fresh fragrance without the toxins.

12. Homemade Hydrosol

here to start, don’t worry!

If you’ve ever thought about making hydrosol but have been worried it’ll be too difficult or don’t know where to start, don’t worry! This simplified guide to making homemade hydrosol eases you through it every step of the way.

13. Herbal Lavender Linen Sachets 

The no-brainer simplicity of these lavender linen sachets is a perfect fit to tuck just about anywhere in the home.

Lavender’s versatility makes it an absolute must-have in the home. The no-brainer simplicity of these lavender linen sachets is a perfect fit to tuck just about anywhere in your home.

14. DIY Herbal Face Mist

Easy herbal DIY face mist anyone can make!

All of us have at least once noticed throughout the day that our face could use a refresh. The on-the-go, time-saving, cost-efficient answer? This nourishing DIY herbal face mist will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

15. DIY Garden Bath Tea

Create a DIY Garden Bath Tea: A Fresh Take on Herbal Tea Garden Ideas

While it may sound odd at first, you’ll fall in love with this DIY garden tea bath. Not only are you soothing your mind with the relaxing aroma of the tea, but you’re also allowing your skin and muscles to soak in all of the herbal benefits.

16. Citronella Lemon Bowl Candles

Simple lemon and herb homemade candles!

Bug repellent sprays come with a long list of toxic chemicals. So what to do? Try this citronella lemon bowl candle! A natural insect repellent, this candle finds its ideal spot in the outdoors, so you enjoy time outside once again.

17. Lavender Homemade Lip Scrub

Adding a homemade lip scrub to your skin care regimen will help keep your lips soft and kissable.

With a multitude of causes, dry lips can be an absolute hassle to deal with. If you’re looking for something beyond lip balm, you’ll find this lavender homemade lip scrub smells amazing and is a lot easier to make than lip balm.

18. Cilantro and Lime DIY Salt Glow

An easy citrus and lime DIY salt glow is all you need for quick remedy to dry, dull skin.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted beautiful glowing skin. Who doesn`t? There are so many deceptional commercial products out there that claim to give you an exceptionally gorgeous glow. Are you tired of all of that too? Give this one-step cilantro and lime salt glow a try instead!

19. Odor Eliminating Carpet Refresh Powder 

Odor Eliminating Carpet Refresh Powder

Whether it’s last-minute plans or a busy schedule, we homemakers sometimes find ourselves in a situation of the arrival of guests with no time to clean. This carpet refresh powder is the easiest cleaning solution you’ll ever make and a huge time saver. 

20. Natural Solid Perfume

If you’ve been looking for an all-natural replacement to chemically toxic perfumes, check out this natural solid perfume!

If you’ve been looking for an all-natural replacement for chemically toxic perfumes, check out this natural solid perfume! There are no secret formulas, just natural ingredients that you can customize to your liking.

Here are twenty ways to use herbs in easy herbal projects you can make out of herbs from your garden or dried herb stash!

So, no matter what herbs you have on hand or are harvesting from your herb garden, there’s an herbal DIY for every season of the year and stage of life! Don’t wait! Get started today!


Here are twenty ways to use herbs in easy herbal projects you can make out of herbs from your garden or dried herb stash!

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