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Zero Waste Gift Giving Ideas For Any Occasion

The gift giving season can be stressful and quite deflating, no doubt! Trying to find the perfect gift within your budget that the recipient will like can be a dilemma. This is likely why giving gift cards have been so popular that you can find them nearly every checkout lane in America! But, I am not a fan of one-time-use plastic. And gift cards are just that! 

With gift cards out of the picture, rather it’s Easter, Valentines, a birthday, a wedding or the holiday season, gift giving can be especially difficult for those of us who choose to live an eco friendly lifestyle. 

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Zero Waste Gift Giving Ideas including eco friendly gifts for her, him, and everyone on your list - no matter the occasion!

Is Zero Waste Gift Giving Possible? 

Many feel overwhelmed by the concept of zero waste living. But, the term zero waste means to simply live a lifestyle with less waste. 

Anyone can do that! Rather you swap out paper towels for washable kitchen towels or make your own cleaners in reusable glass bottles – you’ll be cutting down on waste. 

How do you go zero waste when it comes to gift giving? 

Outside of the obvious zero waste gift giving ideas like gifting a beloved used book, homemade bread, and jams or an experience like a concert or trip – there are many eco friendly options that won’t contribute to a landfill. I’ve gathered a 20 plus zero waste gift giving ideas for any occasion. Each gift will make Mother Earth herself smile and your recipient!  

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Practical Purposeful Gifts for an Eco Friendly Couple

Who doesn’t love a purposeful gift, especially one that will solve a problem? And one of the best places to add practicality to the home is in the kitchen! Here’s a bundle of zero waste gift ideas for couples – perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and Christmas gifting. 

Organic Cotton Dish Towels

These organic cotton waffle weave towels have so many excellent qualities, they are thick, absorbent, and have some stretch too. Each makes a wonderful choice to include an eco-friendly gift basket for the home.

The single layer of 100% organic unbleached cotton waffle weave GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, has been serged along the rounded edges with a complementary color of organic cotton unbleached thread.

Reusable Grocery and Produce Bags

One of the quickest zero waste changes anyone can make is swapping plastic grocery bags for reusable bags. This 7 piece set includes a long handle net bag, several mesh produce bags for fresh fruits and veggies, as well as quick a few muslin bags for bulk grains, rice, or beans. The couple you’re gifting these to will appreciate that they are machine washable.

Gorgeous Eco Friendly Soap and Lotion Dispenser Bottles

I have to admit these are some of my favorite eco-friendly gifts in this guide! Not only do they keep things tidy, but they also look beautiful by your kitchen sink! This set of 3 includes a dispenser for dish soap, hand soap, and hand lotion with BPA free pumps. Have you tried my homemade hand lotion? It makes a great gift too. 

Bamboo Cutting Board

Another practical zero waste gift-giving idea for the kitchen is a bamboo cutting board. It’s an easy way to ditch the plastic and everyday use can take its toll on even the best cutting board. So, a new one is often welcome, especially if you add a personal touch by engraving the cutting board

Or for a true zero waste gift make a batch of lemon conditioning spoon butter to restore and maintain cutting boards. My recipe is free from mineral oil, made with only natural ingredients like beeswax and lemon essential oil. Together they make a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift. 

Zero Waste Gift Giving Ideas including eco friendly gifts for her, him, and everyone on your list - no matter the occasion!

Zero Waste Gift Giving Ideas for Him

A Cup of Joe and More

You can’t go wrong with his favorite hot beverage! Loose leaf tea, spiced hot cocoa, or fair-trade coffee beans all make a practical zero waste gift for him. Add gourmet espresso marshmallows and chocolate cardamom shortbread cookies to really sweet him up! 

Reusable Tumbler

Disposable coffee cups are responsible for a HUGE volume of waste! An insulated reusable tumbler is a much better alternative and pairs well with the hot beverage of his choice.

My husband loves his YETI tumbler and never leaves home without it! It is dishwasher safe and has no sweat design to keep your hand dry. And the best part it keeps his coffee hot FOREVER!

Men’s Zero Waste Shaving Kit Gift Idea

Make your man, brother, or father a zero-waste shaving kit. Start with a double edge safety razor, add a shaving brush, and a fresh pine shaving soap bar. It really does make a handsome gift. 

If he is beard-friendly gift him a beard care kit like this one. It includes a bottle of beard oil, bar soap to wash and condition a beard, as well as beard wax in a zero-waste tin. And you get to pick the scent of each product!

Ideas for an Eco Friendly Gift For Her

While every girl loves a beautiful piece of jewelry, no matter the occasion – there’s more to a woman than jewelry. Like gifts that pamper! 

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? There are lots of options out there when it comes to bath and body gifts. Unfortunately, most are made with hormone disruptors and carcinogens. Instead, opt for eco friendly gift giving ideas that not only smell great but are nourishing for skin!

Make this solid perfume recipe - a luxurious multi-layered scent of the heady, rich florals jasmine and geranium with a top note of sweet, citrusy grapefruit. Blended with natural beeswax and oil, poured over delicate dried jasmine flowers into zero waste tins.

Zero Waste Solid Perfume

Make solid perfume for her. Use my perfume recipe for a luxurious multi-layered scent of the heady, rich florals jasmine and geranium with a top note of sweet, citrusy grapefruit. It’s blended with natural beeswax and poured over delicate dried jasmine flowers into zero waste tins.

How to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by tightening pores and stimulating facial muscles with a jade roller.

Jade Roller

Prized for its ability to relax muscles and provide balance, jade symbolizes beauty, prosperity, and grace. And in some cultures, jade is known as the stone of eternal youth.  Adding jade rolling to your beauty regimen is like the icing on the cake if you ask me. Gliding the cool stone of a jade roller across your face is SO soothing. It feels like an at-home facial!

Making DIY aloe vera soap is one of the best things you can do for your skin! Unlike many commercial soap bars, aloe vera soap helps maintain the skin’s moisture while cleansing impurities, and often alleviating dry, itchy skin.

Handcrafted Soap

Who doesn’t love the beauty and luxury of handcrafted soap? Switching from shower gels to bar soap is one of my favorite zero-waste swaps! 

What better way to smell clean than with one of the most fragrant flowers in the world? Jasmine ranks in at the #2 spot for fragrance. But, with names like “queen of the night” and “poet’s jasmine” how could you go wrong? Make these oh so giftable jasmine aloe vera soap tarts

If you love making natural skincare products find lots of recipes in my Holiday Essential Oils Gift Making book.

Foodie Gift Ideas

And if she’s a gal who loves cooking up a great meal or baking until her heart’s content, you can’t go wrong with a colorful apron, gorgeous pie pan, mixing bowls, and measuring cups and spoons!

Zero Gift Ideas for Kids

If a friend or a family member has a new bundle on the way or you’re celebrating a little one’s first Christmas this beautiful zero waste baby gift is the perfect fit.

Or give the gift of a new treasured stuffed friend or a playful wood piano. A magnetic playset is a perfect alternative to a sticker book. And who doesn’t want to wake up to a new bike under the tree? This one is vintage-inspired and includes a wicker basket and bell.

20 plus zero waste gift ideas for all occasions.

Zero Waste Gifts for Stockings

I know how it feels to have a holiday gift-giving list a mile long. The struggle with finding eco-friendly gifts to fit in a stocking can be quite puzzling. Luckily with so many others seeking a greener lifestyle, these have become much easier to find! Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas that work for him or her. 

Bamboo Toothbrushes 

How many times did you receive a new toothbrush in your stocking as a kid? Well, it’s time to ditch those old plastic toothbrushes for new zero waste bamboo toothbrushes!

Bamboo Cutlery Kit

And while you’re at it add bamboo cutlery kit to their stocking. They are so easy to take with you for eating on-the-go! And each is made with reusable bamboo utensils.

Stainless Steel Straws 

Speaking of ditching plastic, considering it takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose – these make a great gift!  Tuck a pack of reusable stainless steel straws into your loved ones’ stocking.

Zero Waste Beauty Stocking Stuffers

In case you haven’t pampered her enough with gift ideas for women above here are several more that will fit in her stocking!

1. Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds 

Help her say goodbye to one-use disposable makeup remover pads with reusable bamboo cotton rounds. The organic bamboo fibers are super soft and they can be washed and reused again and again!  If you’re crafty make a set of reusable cotton rounds with this tutorial

2. Konjac Sponges

Move over washcloth; there’s a new cleansing tool in town! Made from konjac root a konjac sponge leaves skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. And it’ll slip perfectly into her stocking. Learn how to pick one based on skin type here.

3. DIY Lip Scrub and Tinted Lip Balm

Fans of pumpkin spice and coffee will flip for this seasonal spin on coffee lip scrubs! Combine all the yummy tastes and scents of your favorite coffee order into this easy to make lip scrub recipe.

Homemade lip balm has long been one of my favorite beauty recipes to make. Cinnamon honey or lemon chamomile lip balm anyone?  Slip in a tube of DIY tinted lip balm made with real pomegranate into her stocking this year!

When it comes to gift wrapping think outside the box for zero waste gifts!

Reduce Waste with Natural Gift Wrapping Ideas 

When it comes to gift wrapping skip the colorful chemical yards on a roll. Think outside the box, such as reusable woven baskets, cotton tote bags, and drawstring bags. And when possible reuse paper gift bags and other paper packaging. 

For traditional wrapping buy only yards made from recycled paper. I happen to love the look of recycled kraft paper wrapping and natural twine. You know, “Brown paper packages tied up with string”. Add a cinnamon stick, dried orange, or a reusable gift topper to dress things up. 

Another zero waste gift wrap method is using reusable fabric gift wrap. Rather choose to you a piece of fabric wrap a present or use patterned linen drawstring bags the result is beautiful and eco-friendly. 

And if it’s a food you are wrapping, natural bee’s wrap is the way to go! The warmth of your hands softens the wrap and when it cools it creates a natural seal. And you can pretty much wrap any type of food with it! You also make your own, this kit is a great way to get started with my tutorial here!

The next time you’re stuck on ideas zero waste gift giving ideas gifts, I hope you find this guide as inspiration. Find more ideas practical gift ideas in my 20 Must-Have Green Living Essentials and Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas.

What are some of your favorite natural living gift-giving ideas? Tag #lifenreflection on Instagram to share yours with us. And don’t forget to pin this eco-friendly gift guide.

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