Natural DIY Cleaning Kit


 How to create an effortless home DIY cleaning kit with supplies you already have on hand!

Get Motivated to Clean with a Stupid-Simple DIY Cleaning Kit

Do you often lack the motivation to clean? Well, if you said “yes”, you’re not alone. The task itself can feel so overwhelming even when your home isn’t a complete mess.

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Regularly cleaning spaces in our homes like the bathroom or kitchen can be done quickly given the right tools for the task. And creating homemade cleaning solutions is easier than you think.

Not only can you create natural cleaners that are highly effective, but are still safe for every member of your household.

It’s time to STOP searching in your laundry room, pantry, or under the sink for a dozen different cleaners!

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What Do You Need to Create a Stupid-Simple Natural DIY Cleaning Kit?

What Do You Need to Start Creating an Effortless Natural DIY Cleaning Kit?

You only need to a gather a few supplies to start building your cleaning kit. You’ll likely have most on hand already. But, if you’ve been storing them in spaces all over your home. Like towels in the linen closet, scrub brushes in the kitchen, and the dustpan in the closet – that’s a problem we’re gonna fix!

All of this disorganization can be added up to wasted time spent searching for things.

Which can lead to the motivation you did muster up deflating quickly. Like a cheap party balloon!

So, take the time now to designate a cleaning caddy or basket. Then fill it with the cleaning tools below.


Cleaning Caddy

Repurpose a basket in your home or purchase a metal caddy like the one in the photo above. I found mine for a bargain at Target, but here is a similar one. Just make sure whichever you choose is big enough for what you need. And make sure it’s easy to clean if need be.

Scrub Brushes and Sponges

I recommend buying reusable sponges, such as a reusable cellulose sponge cloth. And look for natural brushes with replacement heads made with non treated wood or recycled materials. I purchase scrub brushes and sponges for my DIY cleaning kit at the Grove Collaborative. Read more about why I use the Grove Collaborative here.

Cleaning Spray Bottles

You’ll need a variety of cleaning spray bottles to hold your homemade cleaners. And if you are planning to include any citrus essential oils, such as lemon essential oil in your DIY cleaners you’ll want to use glass bottles only. This starter set of 15 amber glass bottles is the way to go!


For quick spill cleanups and dusting central air vents, among other things, you’ll need a small dustpan and brush set. Preferably one with a good grip, bamboo handle, and natural bristles. This dustpan set will do perfectly and is small enough to tote from room to room.

Cleaning Cloths

If you’re going green then, it’s time to stop the paper waste. That’s right no more paper towels or wipe cleaners. Believe it or not, you’ll save money by picking up just one set of microfiber cleaning cloths or 100% Natural Cotton Dish Towels.

 How to create an effortless home DIY cleaning kit with supplies you already have on hand!

What Do You Need to Make Simple DIY Cleaning Solutions?

You might think you need a bunch of expensive ingredients or space in the garage to make your own cleaning solutions. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It only takes a few basic ingredients to make DIY cleaners. And just like the tools you’ve already gathered, you will likely have most of these laying around too.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a naturally occurring substance. Best known for its use as a scouring agent and odor absorber.  Baking soda is also used in cleaning recipes to fight against dirt, grease, and odors. This cleaning agent alone is a must-have for your cleaning arsenal, I buy it in a one pound bag here.

Castile Soap

Castile soap is a concentrated vegetable-based soap made of ingredients you can actually pronounce. This soap is gentle on skin and effective against dirt, grease, and unwanted germs. Castile soap can be used to clean just about anything and everything: your face, your shower, and even your dirty dishes! Yes, I’m a fan!!

Essential Oils

Essential oils not only provide a wonderful natural fragrance to homemade cleaners but also contain powerful disinfecting properties. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to clean with essential oils, read more here for tips on choosing the best essential oils to clean your home naturally.

Sal Suds

Sal Suds is Dr. Bronner’s tougher version of soap, although its chemical makeup makes it a detergent, not a soap. Sal Suds is formulated to conquer tough cleaning projects such as unforgiving grease and stubborn dirt. And the Environmental Working Group gives it an A. Sal Suds is basically a tougher version of castile soap.  

lifenreflection resource library

Grab all the seasonal cleaning checklists for spring, summer, fall, and winter in the Life-n-Reflection Resource Library!

White Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar contains 5% acetic acid that fights against bacteria on your surfaces. Although, because vinegar is acidic, it can cause some etching on granite, marble, or stone surfaces. Test it an inconspicuous area or substitute rubbing alcohol for vinegar when needed. Regardless of its limitations vinegar is a great all-purpose tool for your natural DIY cleaning kit.


Yep, we’re talking about rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and straight up vodka.  Just don’t use your husband’s fancy vodka – go for the cheap stuff! Vodkas’ high alcohol content happens to be perfect for killing germs, and even mildew or mold. And it really helps shine chrome and glass in addition to killing odors. Rubbing alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are also antiseptic if you want to skip the liquor store.

Simple Steps to Create an Effortless Natural DIY Cleaning Kit

7 Uncomplicated Cleaning Recipes to Fill Your DIY Cleaning Kit:

It is easy to create a natural DIY cleaning kit ready to use room by room. Fill it with safe and effective homemade cleaners like the recipes below to get the job done, no matter the task!


Cut through tough stains and brighten your kitchen sink with an all natural, very effective herbal homemade scouring powder. It’s affordable, easy to make and it will make your kitchen sink clean and shiny!


Save time and money by making a natural daily shower spray a part of your daily cleaning routine. Just a few quick sprays every day after showering can keep mold, mildew, and soap scum away. Plus, the fresh scent of tea tree essential oil leaves your shower smelling clean.

Yeah, that’s a win! Use this vinegar-free green cleaning recipe to fight soap scum on fiberglass, tile, marble, natural stone, and glass showers.


This solution can be applied to much more than just countertops. It holds the simplicity of using just ONE cleaner for almost everything. The next time you’re in a pinch to clean your home, grab a few cleaning cloths and a bottle of All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner.


Remove dust and help keep bugs away on your wood surfaces with this recipe for an all-natural Lemon Cedar Dust Spray and Polish. Boost your home cleaning with the cheerful scent of fresh lemons and cedar wood’s warm, woodsy aroma all from essential oils!


Use the deodorizing abilities of lavender in this DIY carpet powder. Apply it to your high traffic, carpeted areas such as the living room carpet, stairs, and hallways.  Once you try it, you’ll want to use it every time you clean!


This recipe for a heavy duty DIY Natural Kitchen Cleaner works well for all surfaces. It has the power to de-grease and remove grime your kitchen without chemicals. Use it clean up spills on your stove top and in the microwave. A great addition to any DIY cleaning kit.


This recipe for a natural Streak-Free Glass Cleaner creates a professional foam spray without chemicals. And it’s incredible for cleaning photo frames, mirrors, windows, and glass cupboard doors too!

 Get Motivated to Clean with a Stupid-Simple DIY Cleaning Kit

How Get Motivated to Clean

Now, I could paint you a picture of a sparkly clean, clutter-free home. Or I could talk about the invisible bacteria lurking on your kitchen counters and in the bathtub… Instead, let me give you some creative ways to get motivated to clean.

    • Create a cleaning playlist with tunes to keep you motivated, just like the one you made for the gym. But throw in a little Frank Sinatra for dancing with the broom.

    • My mother always says to dress for the occasion. So, make get yourself a frilly apron and a pair of cute rubber gloves. Or go all out and play your part as the French maid, costume in all!

  • Think of your cleaning caddy like your junior high locker. Deck it out with magnets or personalize with paint and stencils. Either way, make it your own!

t is easy to create a natural DIY cleaning kit ready to use room by room. Fill it with safe and effective homemade cleaners like the recipes below to get the job done, no matter the task! Creating a natural DIY cleaning kit makes regularly cleaning any room of your home stupid-simple! No wasting time on finding tools or wasting money on a dozen different cleaners. Pull it all together in one afternoon and you’ll immediately see the difference the next time you clean! And so will your spouse if you order that french maid costume…




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