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Do the words “Bathroom Cleaning” strike fear in your gut? 

I think it suffices to say, that bathroom cleaning tops the list when it comes to the least enjoyable space to clean. Honestly, it is a huge hassle! 

Cleaning the bathroom sink and vanity is one thing. But when you add to it the shower, bathtub, toilet, floor, and mirror – it becomes quite a challenge. 

This makes it difficult to know where to begin and some even give up. While others put off the task of bathroom cleaning far too long.  

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What happens when you put off bathroom cleaning too long?

What happens when you put off bathroom cleaning too long?

When life gets busy, we often cut corners trying to accomplish as much as we can, while doing a little as possible. 

Such as spraying the shower floor or tile without scrubbing anything. Or wiping down the bathroom vanity without removing a single item. Sound familiar?

The problem is when we cut corners and put off the real task too long it becomes a daunting dilemma. Like a black cloud looming over you every time you enter the bathroom. Pulling you down and raising your stress levels. 

All the while, the dust, toothpaste splatters, makeup smears, and soap scum builds. 

And getting rid of weeks of soap scum and dirt from a bathroom is no easy task.

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There’s Always a Way

No one really enjoys bathroom cleaning but just like my grandmother says, “If there is a will, there is a way”. All you need is an effective, quick method to clean the bath that you can easily repeat. 

In my experience, a weekly bathroom cleaning checklist is the best solution. It breaks this daunting job down into doable tasks that you tackle one at a time.

Rather you choose to complete all tasks in one day or spread it out over the course of the week – your bathroom will stay clean! 

If you have used some of my other cleaning checklists, then you know I guide you through each step with tips to make it quick and without the use of heavy chemicals. And you can find a handful of printable cleaning checklists in the Simple Living Library.  

I have mine hanging in my laundry room where I keep my DIY cleaning kit. A tip I recently learned, is to printable multiple and hang them on clipboards or in wall pockets. This is terrific is you are going to split up the tasks with other family members or your roommate for that matter. 

Grab your cleaning checklist in the Simple Living Library and get started now! 

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Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Step 1: Remove Dust 

The first place to start on any cleaning checklist is with the dust! Always remember to clean top to bottom, not the other way around. 

Remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, light fixtures, air vents, and window seals. The quickest way to do this with a long-handled duster. It really helps to get into corners of the ceiling and in between vents. And depending on your height and the height of your ceiling, you may find a foldable step ladder handy too. 

Step 2: Clean the Toilet

Now that the bathroom is free from dust, it’s time to make the throne sparkle! Save time with this tip on how to clean toilet bowls with little to no scrubbing involved. 

Drop the ultimate lazy toilet bowl cleaner – a fizzy toilet bomb into the toilet. They make this bathroom cleaning task so much easier!! Each is made with natural cleaning agents to keep things fresh longer, so you can clean less. 

Give the toilet bomb time to work while you disinfect the outside. Start by wiping down the top of the toilet with a dry microfiber towel to collect the dust. Then using a disinfecting spray lift the lid and clean under the seat and around the rim too. Oh and don’t forget those icky toilet seat hinges either.  

You can let the toilet bomb sit as long as overnight or just while you clean others areas. When you’re ready, give the toilet bowl a quick brush and flush. 

Step 3: Clean the Shower

With the toilet bowl covered, move onto the shower and remove all the contents inside, so you clean every surface.  If you are already dealing with a lot of mold, damaged grout, or tough water stains, call an expert. Otherwise, follow these steps on how to clean shower doors, curtains, tile, and more. 

How to Clean Shower Doors:

Shower doors are often the worst place for soap scum to occur. Clean the doors with 3 common household ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, and salt. 

  1. Spray the doors with vinegar and let stand for 3 to 5 minutes. 
  2. Create a paste with equal parts of salt and baking soda. Use a damp sponge to apply the paste over areas with soap scum on the door. 
  3. Rinse well and you’re done! 

For everyday bathroom cleanup to help prevent soap scum use a Daily Shower Spray. After every shower, spray and wipe down glass shower doors and the tub. 

Another method to prevent buildup is by applying lemon wax polish. It creates a barrier against soap scum. After cleaning shower doors apply this homemade lemon wood butter with a soft cloth. 

Allow it to sit for a few minutes then polish off the excess with the other side of the cloth. Keep in mind it does leave a slight film on the shower doors but it is effective against soap scum. 

How to Clean Shower Curtain: 

Do you have a shower curtain instead of a shower door? It can be cleaned too! There’s no need to keep throwing away plastic or vinyl shower liners. Use fabric mildew resistant shower liners instead. Why? Because they are washable!!

  1. Remove the shower curtain and apply a simple DIY stain remover to hard water stains. 
  2. Then toss it in the washing machine for a good cleaning. Have you tried my homemade laundry detergent
  3. After washing, dry it on low heat for about 20 minutes. Remove it promptly to avoid wrinkles and give it a spritz of lemon vanilla linen spray to keep it fresh. 

While you’re at it, wash and air dry bathroom rugs. They and pick up a lot of debris like hair, nail clippings, hair spray, toothpaste, you name it it’s likely fallen on the rug! EWW, don’t skip the rugs. 

3 Easy Steps to Cleaning Filmy Shower Doors that Blasts Away Soap Scum and Buildup!

How to Clean Shower Tile and Grout:

As the curtain and rugs wash, clean the shower tile and grout. Mix up this polishing bath and shower scrub in a small bowl. Using a grout and tile scrub brush apply it where needed to non-porous surfaces. Meaning keep it away from wood or marble. 

Lightly scrub away grime and buildup in a circular motion. Then rinse with warm water. For grout stains that don’t seem to lift, use a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. 

How to Clean Shower Floor:

Apply the same shower scrub to the shower floor to remove buildup. Rinse with warm water and use the shower spray above or an all-purpose surface cleaner to help disinfect. Then rinse one last time.

After cleaning the shower from top to bottom, wipe down any containers you will be returning to the shower shelves. 

Step 3: Clean the Bathtub

If you have a shower/tub combo thank your lucky stars because the majority of the work is already done! 

Start by clearing the bathtub. If you have any bathtub toys, consider washing them in the top rack of the dishwasher. Otherwise, give each a good wipe down. 

Next, apply the polishing bath and shower scrub to the floor and walls of the bathtub. Use the same steps above shared about cleaning a shower floor here too. And the same goes for the tile surrounds. 

Stay with me, you are more than halfway done with this bathroom cleaning checklist – just 2 more steps to go! 

Step 4: Clean the Bathroom Room Sink and Vanity

Thanks to all the hair products, makeup, toothpaste, and shaving the bathroom sink and vanity are prime locations for muck, if you will, to accumulate. 

Seriously, I once heard it called the “cornucopia of buildup”! 

No need to resort to harsh chemicals, we can clean it up without. Let’s start with the vanity.

How to Clean Bathroom Vanity:

Once again, remove everything before you begin. Toss empty containers and check the dates for expired products. Then get started!

  1. Wipe the entire surface of the vanity with a dry microfiber cloth. It will grab small hairs, makeup powders, and dust. Plus it makes this task go much faster, by removing a good layer of grime! 
  2. Using an all-purpose cleaner, spray the vanity countertop thoroughly and wipe with a clean cloth.

Keep the vanity clean longer, by giving it a simple wipe down with a dry or damp cloth after finishing your beauty routine each day. 

How to Clean the Bathroom Sink:

What’s the best way to remove sink gunk? All you need is that simple bath and shower scrub we’ve been cleaning with! Make sure to scrub the drain block too. And spray the all-purpose cleaner on the fixtures. Use a microfiber towel to polish until clean.  

A mirror is not clean if it’s streaked, despite how many times you tried! Learn to how best way to clean a mirror.

Step 5: Clean the Mirror 

We’re in the bathroom, so I think it’s fair for me to step on my soapbox for a minute. 

OK, here it goes – A mirror is not clean if it’s streaked, despite how many times you tried! 

I think we’ve all been there trying one product or cleaning hack to the next for a streak-free mirror. Well, ladies and the few gentlemen in the room, I’m about to blow your mind with best tips to clean a mirror… 

How to Clean a Bathroom Mirror:

  1. Add a dollop of rubbing alcohol to a reusable cotton round or washcloth. Then check the mirror for areas of buildup such as toothpaste, shaving cream, or hair gel. Rub each spot as you find it to remove. (It’s like spot treating laundry stains.)  
  2. Next, fold a microfiber towel in fourths. Then spray the mirror down with this natural glass cleaner. Working from the top left corner to the right, wipe across. Then return the left again and repeat until you’ve cleaned the surface while unfolding the towel as needed to work with a clean towel. 

Step 6: Clean the Bathroom Floor

Our final task on this bathroom cleaning checklist is to tackle the floors. And I have to tell you, it’s probably the easiest task on the list! 

How to Clean Bathroom Floor:

Start with an often overlooked area – the baseboards. Use a handheld vacuum to pick up debris along the baseboards, under the vanity, and around the toilet. After that, wipe down baseboards with a dry microfiber cloth or if they are wood apply this DIY wood spray

Then follow our steps here for cleaning every type of floor under the moon! When the bathroom floor is dry return your freshly laundered bathroom rugs or other things you may have moved like the trash can. 

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Does the words “Bathroom Cleaning” strike fear in your gut? I think it suffices to say, that bathroom cleaning tops the list when it comes to the least enjoyable space to clean. Honestly, it is a huge hassle!

Use this bathroom cleaning checklist to help you regularly clean the bathroom and avoid an insurmountable task. And be sure to grab the printable checklist above. Pair it with a cleaning kit filled with your supplies and you’ll be ready to go!  Did I leave anything out? Leave it in the comments to share. 

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